Sunday, June 22, 2014

Glory Last Man Standing Results

Glory "Last Man Standing" took place Saturday, June 21st. The event was Glory's first PPV event. The highlight of the event was the middleweight 8-man tournament to crown the division's champion. 

The tournament final featured a re-match between Artem Levin and Joe Schilling. Levin defeated Alex Pereira and Filip Verlinden by unanimous decision to punch his ticket to the final, while Schilling had a more controversial path to the finals. in his quarter final bout with Simon Marcus, Schilling was knocked down in the second round and when the fight went to the judges score cards it seemed Marcus had once again defeated Schilling. The judges, however, ruled the fight a controversial draw as many though Marcus had done what he needed to move on. In the extra round Marcus was deducted a point with 40 seconds remaining the round for spitting out his mouth piece. Knowing he needed a knockout to win Marcus rushed Schilling and with 20 seconds left walked into a Schilling right hand that put  his lights out and tournament hopes on the back burner.

In the semi-finals Wayne Barrett seemed to have done enough to win a decision over Schilling, but once again Schilling was awarded a decision that many up in arms. The judges declared Schilling the winner by split decision. In the final Artem Levin picked away at Schilling and scored a knockdown over him. In the third round of their bout Levin was oddly deducted a point for clinching, but fortunately for Levin he had built up such a huge lead on the judges score cards that it did not affect the final out come and Levin was declared the winner by unanimous decision

In the night's other title fights Rico Verhoeven was crowned the heavyweight champion after a decision with in which he outworked Daniel Ghita, and Joseph Valtellini defeated Marc De Bonte to claim the welterweight championship. Valtellini and De Bonte fought five hard rounds and both men tasted the canvas in the bout but neither refused to concede defeat until the judges rendered their verdict. It was a huge win for Valtellini who in the past two years has gone from an unknown talent to world champion.


8-Man Tournament Quarterfinals
Filip Verlinden def. Melvin Manhoef via Majority Decision
Artem Levin def. Alex Pereira via Unanimous Decision
Joe Schilling def. Simon Marcus via KO in Extra Round
Wayne Barret def. Bogdan Stoica via KO in Round 3

8-Man Tournament Semi-Finals
Joe Schilling def. Wayne Barret via Split Decision
Artem Levin def. Filip Verlinden via Unanimous Decision

8-Man Tournament Final
Artem Levin def. Joe Schilling via Unanimous Decision

Super Fights
Joseph Valtellini def. Marc de Bonte via Unanimous Decision
Rico Verhoeven def. Daniel Ghita via Unanimous Decision
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