Friday, April 18, 2014

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong talks recent win and fight career

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong has recently taken to the international circuit to continue to build upon the reputation he had already established for himself in Thailand.  Fighting out of the Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp, seven of his last ten fights have been outside of Thailand and he is 9-1 in those ten fights. The lone loss was a split decision to Enriko Gogokhia in Italy. Those nine victories include wins over the likes of Jordan Watson, Kym Johnson, and Mohamed Khamal.

The victory over Khamal was his most recent, as he out pointed the Moroccan-Dutch fighter at Legend III in Italy. We were able to catch up with Sittichai and ask him a few questions about the fight and his career.

MTA: Did the fight go as you had planned, or were there things you have wanted to do differently?

Sittichai: Yes and no! I expected to win but I fought better than I thought I would and exceeded my expectations.

MTA: How do you like fighting in Italy?

Sittichai: Fighting in Italy is good but it is hard to find food I like (Thai Food) it Italy.

MTA: You have a great resume as a fighter, what fight would interest you most and why?

Sittichai: I would like to have a re-match with Enrike Gogokhiya. I thought I won that fight but received a bad decision by the Italian judges. This is my only loss in my past 25 fights and it should never have been a loss.

MTA: Most Thai fighters start at a young age, how old were you when you started and why?

Sittichai: I started Muaythai at the age of 11 because I was interested in the sport and my father wanted me to be a boxer. I also wanted to make money for my family.

MTA: What advice can you give to young fighters that can help develop their skills and career?

Sittichai: Find the right camp/gym, find the right trainer/teacher and train hard. Fight as often as possible and against good opponents.

MTA: What would you like to do when your fight career is over? 

Sittichai: I haven't thought about it yet.

MTA:  What is your favorite memory since you started fighting? (Example favorite fight)

Sittichai: The last fight I just won against Mohamed Khamal at Oktagon + Legend in Milan.

MTA: When can fight fans expect to see you in action again?

Sittichai: My next fight is scheduled for May in Thailand and then I have a fight on Best of Siam 5 in Paris, France.
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