Monday, December 16, 2013

Ultra Elite Fighters V: Argentina vs. The World Results and Recap

Ultra Elite Fighters V: Argentina vs. The World took place last night in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the main event Simon Marcus took on Argentina's Damian Bujan. Heading into the bout Argentina had taken a 4-0 lead against the world and was looking for the clean sweep.

Marcus took control of the bout early in round one as he stalked Bujan around the ring looking to engage in the clinch. The referee was quick to break up the clinch which resulted in Marcus having to use his hands more. Round two was probably Bujan's best round as he and Marcus had some nice exchanges on the feet, but Marcus still seemed to get the better of the exchanges. In round three Marcus went to work with his elbows and knees to the body in the brief clinches that were allowed by the referee. Bujan worked leg kicks and leading into round four it seemed that those leg kicks were having an effect on Marcus, but that didn't prevent him from continuing to deliver solid elbows and knees as well as out muscling Bujan in the clinch. In the final round both fighters were clinching against the ropes when they flipped over and Marcus landed on the ring apron while Bujan fell all the way to the floor. The doctors quickly rushed in to take a look at Bujan and after a few minutes Bujan showed some true heart as he stepped into the ring looking to finish the fight. Bujan attempted to get more aggressive sensing it was his final chance to try and win, but Marcus met him with a counter attack with each attempt to press the action. In the end despite the gritty performance by Bujan the judges awarded Marcus a surprising split decision, that should have been unanimous. With the win Marcus keeps a zero in the loss column and ends another impressive year.

In other action Luciano Vazquez scored an impressive knockout with a left hook to the body of Somwan. Vazquz and Somwan had a pretty even first round, but in the second Vazquez began to find his range with his punches. He set up the body shot with a left and right to the head before delivering the fight ending left hook to Somwan's body.

Simon Marcus def. Damian Bujan via Split Decision
Luciano Vazquez def. Somwan via KO (Body Punch) in Rd. 2
Damian Segovia def. Juanma Chacon via Unanimous Decision
Martin Velasco def. Pradchaw Yongyut via KO in Rd. 3
Fernando Martinez def. Mark Holst via Split Decision (MMA Bout)
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