Monday, November 4, 2013

The Main Event 2013 Results

The Main Event 2013 took place this past weekend in Manchester, UK and the main event on the evening featured a bout between two of the best European’s. Liam Harrison and Dylan Salvador went for five hard rounds. Many thought the edge might go to Salvador because of how each of the fighters last few fights had gone, but Harrison showed everyone he shouldn’t be forgetten. When it was over Harrison won a unanimous decision victory in a bout where he dictated the pace and gave Salvador all he could handle.

Liam Harrison def. Dylan Salvador via Unanimous Decision
Jamie Bates def. Christian Di Paolo via (T)KO
Andrew Lofthouse def. Lucien Alleyne via (T)KO
Andy Howson def. Aaron O’Callaghan via Unanimous Decision
David Tieu def. Mark Skeer via Unanimous Decision
Panicos Yusuf def. Christopher Shaw via Unanimous Decision
Ariana Santos def. Emma Bragg via (T)KO
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