Friday, November 1, 2013

Lion Fight 12 Results and Recap: Fabio Pinca out points Malaipet

Lion Fight 12 took place tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The main event on the night featured Fabio Pinca vs. Malaipet Sasiprapa in a Lion Fight welterweight title fight.

Malaipet was riding a four fight win streak coming into the bout and he looked solid in the first round, he came out aggressive with his punches and kicks in the first round and taunted Pinca quite often. Once the second round started it was a completely different fight, Pinca was the aggressor and he started opening up with his strikes and looked solid in the clinch. The third round was closer but Pinca was still able to out strike Malaipet and control the round. Come the fourth and fifth rounds the fight completely became Pinca’s. He pressed forward as Malaipet backed away, Pinca connected with punches and kicks and when they clinched Pinca out worked Malaipet with knees to the body and the occasional elbow. Malaipet had no answer as Pinca’s strikes continued to land clean. Pinca motioned at Malaipet to meet him the center to no avail, he continued to press the fight and Malaipet continued to back up. In the end it was clear who had won the fight and the judges agreed as well awarding Fabio Pinca the unanimous decision victory.

In the night’s co-main event Tiffany Van Soest completely out classed Magali Foroni. It was evident once the fight started that Foroni was not in the same class as Van Soest. It quickly turned into a one sided affair that looked more like target practice for Van Soest. Foroni offered little to no offense for two plus rounds until her corner threw in the towel midway through the third round. Another dominant performance for Tiffany Van Soest who remains undefeated and improves her record to 8-0-1.

Nick Chasteen made a successful pro debut against Chris Culley. Chasteen attacked Culley’s legs early and it seemed to pay dividends as Cully seemed to stay at bay until he was ready to move in with a flurry. Despite a few strong flurries from Culley, Chasteen remained composed and pressed the action backing Culley into the ropes frequently and landing his strikes. In the end all three judges awarded him a unanimous decision.

Jason Andrada and Mohammed Lemjerdine were involved in an exciting fight. As soon as the fight started Andrada scored a flash knockdown on Lemjerdine, although it seemed like Lemjerdine was more off balance rather than being hurt. In the second round Lemjerdine seemed to take control with his punches and short elbows when in close, but in the third round the tide shifted and it was all Andrada. In the fourth round the momentum continued to shift back and forth as both fighters landed solid strikes. In the fifth and final round it seemed Lemjerdine was in control as he continuously backed Andrada into the ropes. Lemjerdine got a little over aggressive and in a flurry he backed Andrada into the ropes who in return countered with a perfectly timed elbow that sent Lemjerdine crashing to the canvas. It was a stellar knockout by Andrada. With the win Andrada improves to 4-0.

Stephen Richards used some crisp boxing and excellent movement to out point Glen Spencer for five rounds. Spencer was a game opponent, but Richards was just a step quicker throughout the fight. All three judges awarded Richards the fight giving him a unanimous decision win.

In other action Anthony Castrejon scored a first round knockout over Miguel Rosales with a perfectly timed head kick and Miranda Cayabyab defeated Kaiyana Rain by split decision.

Fabio Pinca def. Malaipet Sasiprapa via Unanimous Decision
Tiffany Van Soest def. Magali Foroni via (T)KO (Corner Stoppage) in Rd. 3
Nick Chasteen def. Chris Culley via Unanimous Decision
Jason Andrada def. Mohammed Lemjerdine via KO (Elbow) in Rd. 5
Stephen Richards def. Glen Spencer via Unanimous Decision
Anthony Castrejon def. Miguel Rosales via KO (Head Kick) in Rd. 1
Miranda Cayabyab def. Kaiyana Rain via Split Decision

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  1. It's time for a rematch between Tiffany Van Soest and Jemyma Betrian. Betrian is the only person in that weight class that I could imagine matching Tiffany's power and speed. All these taller opponents so far have looked so slow vs. Tiffany, they made me feel like I'm clairvoyant.

    The review was right on.