Tuesday, November 26, 2013

KOK World GP 2013 Results and Recap: Chris Baya wins 8-man tournament

The KOK World GP 2013 took place this past Saturday in Germany. The night’s tournament featured eight fighters in the one night 156lb division. Some of the more notable names in tournament on the night were Mohammed El-Mir, Max Baumert and Alex Vogel, but the night’s champion ended up being Chris Baya. The Dutch fighter met Alex Vogel in the tournament fighter after having scored knockouts against Andrii Panov and Max Baumert to get to the final. It didn’t take Baya much time to claim his tournament victory as he knocked out Alex Vogel with a knee to the head in the first round.

In some super fight action Artur Kyshenko wasted little time against Baker Bakarat. He knocked Bakarat down in the first round with a body kick and eventually won the fight when it was stopped in the first round by the doctor due to cuts.

Denis Schneidmiller and William Diender went the distance. In the early rounds the fight was a bit slow, but once the fourth round came around the fireworks started as both fighters really tried to impose their will. In the end Schneidmiller was awarded a decision victory.


KOK World GP 2013 Quarterfinals
Leo Bonninger def. Alban Ahmeti via Unanimous Decision
Alex Vogel def. Francisco Matos via Unanimous Decision
Max Baumert def. Mohammed El-Mir via Unanimous Decision
Chris Baya def. Andrii Panov via KO in Rd. 3

KOK World GP 2013 Semi-Finals
Alex Vogel def. Leo Bonninger via Split Decision
Chris Baya def. Max Baumert via KO in Rd. 3

KOK World GP 2013 Final
Chris Baya def. Alex Vogel via KO in Rd. 1

Super Fights
Artur Kyshenko def. Baker Bakarat via (T)KO in Rd. 1
Denis Schneidmiller def. William Diender via Unanimous Decision
Jerry Otto def. Vladimir Toktasynov via Split Decision
Huseyin Usta def. Kirill Buller via Unanimous Decision
Enrico Rogge def. Tomi Colic via KO in Rd. 2
Marco Aschenbrenner def. Daniel Zeuner via Split Decision
Daniel Tex def. Tommy Schubert via KO in Rd. 1
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