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Push Kick Promotions "World Stand Off 5" Results and Recap: Marcus vs. Njokuani ends in controversial draw

Push Kick Promotions “World Stand Off 5” took place at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV and the night’s main event between Canada’s Simon Marcus and Chidi Njokuani was marred with controversy. When the fight began Njokuani looked to use his footwork to control the ring and keep Marcus at bay, but eventually Marcus got inside clinched up and began throwing knees and elbows. Although Njokuani was able to get out of the clinch and tried to keep Marcus at bay with push kicks they eventually ended up back in the clinch where Marcus continued to work his knees and elbows.

In the second round things got interesting. Simon continued to look solid in the clinch, but on two occasions Njokuani was given time by referee Tony Weeks. One was for a borderline elbow to the back of the head that occurred when Marcus was throwing an elbow and Njokuani gave up his back as the elbow was being thrown. The other was due to a low blow that occurred when both fighters threw a kick. Each time Njokuani was able to continue and as soon as the referee called for action Marcus was right back to work in the clinch. Njokuani had no answer for the Canadian’s clinch and simply began to give up his back whenever they clinched. The referee would then break them up rather than warning Njokuani or taking point eventually as this maneuver continued into the third round.

In the third round Marcus landed a low blow when he threw a knee and referee Tony Weeks deducted a point from him. When the bout resumed Marcus looked to work for the clinch again, but Njokuani did a good job keeping distance and turning it more into brawl as both men looked to land heavy shots as the final bell approached. When it went to the judges the bout was declared a majority draw with two judges scoring the bout a draw and one scoring the bout for Njokuani. Marcus was clearly not happy afterwards and in his post fight interview called the fight “bull s--t” and called Njokuani a “b-tch”. The post fight comments then led to a heated confrontation between Chidi Njokuani’s brother and UFC fighter Anthony Njokuani as he got into the face of Marcus back stage.

In the night’s co-main event Moses Tor Sangtiennoi and Cyrus Washington fought three hard rounds. Although Sangtiennoi seemed to be a step ahead, Washington did a solid job as he was able to land some clean shots on the Thai and match his pace throughout the fight. In the end the judges awarded Sangtiennoi a unanimous decision.

In a match up to determine North America’s number one 140 lb fighter, Canadians Matt Embree and Sean Kearney went down to the wire. Kearney utilized his size well and was able to keep Embree from hanging back and simply picking away at him with his pinpoint strikes. Embree did show he had what it took to fight a more brawling style. Fans are used to seeing him in more technical affairs, but this fight got down and dirty. Going into the third and final round it was safe to assume it was one round a piece and both fighters went for it. Kearney pushed the pace, but Embree didn’t back down and fired back his own offense attacking on the inside with punches and trying to work his clinch. Kearney utilized some excellent elbows in the clinch which eventually opened up a cut on top of Embree’s head. In the end the judges rendered a split verdict with two of them scoring it for Kearney 29-28 and one scoring it for Embree 29-28. Kearney has been jumping up to 147 at times to take fights, but 140 is his ideal weight class. With his size and technique he will cause trouble for anyone that steps in the ring with him, especially at 140 lbs. A match up with America’s top 140 lb fighter Kevin Ross would be nice.

In the rest of the fights Kornpet Janjira defeated Nate Chambers by decision in a technical fight. Josh Aragon and Steve Swaby-Clacken fought to a razor thin split decision that went to Aragon; Sheldon Gaines took a unanimous decision over San Phomphiphak in another close fight. Damien Earley stopped Lee Henry Lilly in the third round with a spinning elbow. Chase Green took home a unanimous decision over Michael Stevens and in the night’s first bout Glen Spencer bested Gabriel Vian by way of unanimous decision.

Simon Marcus and Chidi Njokuani fight to a Majority Draw
Moses Tor Sangtiennoi def. Cyrus Washington via Unanimous Decision
Sean Kearney def. Matt Embree via Split Decision
Kornpet Janjira def. Nate Chambers via Unanimous Decision
Josh Aragon def. Steve Swaby-Clacken via Split Decision
Sheldon Gaines def. San Phomphiphak via Unanimous Decision
Damien Earley def. Lee Henry Lilly via (T)KO at 1:56 of Rd. 3
Chase Green def. Michael Stevens via Unanimous Decision
Glen Spencer def. Gabriel Vian via Unanimous Decision

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  1. chidi is a bitch. if he wants to give his back or hide outside the ropes every time an opponent comes near, maybe he should consider another sport - he clearly has no idea what muay thai is. he's a punk. it's absurd that this debacle has to count as a blotch on marcus' perfect record.

  2. I am really getting sick of Las Vegas judges and referees. They don't know Muay Thai at all. New defense for Muay Thai in Las Vegas= turn your ass to your opponent.