Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glory 10 Results and Recap: Schilling stuns Levin to win 4-man tournament

Glory 10 took place last night in Ontario, CA and the night’s story was Joe Schilling shocking the world by winning the 4-man middleweight tournament. There was a lot of attention surrounding the tournament since its announcement and with Schilling’s original opponent, Steve Wakeling, not able to secure a visa to fight in tournament many expected a Schilling vs. Artem Levin finale. That is exactly what they got, but many didn’t expect Schilling to defeat Levin, but he did just that. Before Levin and Schilling met in the final Levin defeated Jason Wilnis by unanimous decision and Schilling defeated Kengo Shimizu by unanimous decision.

In the final Levin looked good early in the fight but in the second round Levin was knocked by Schilling after a superman punch and a knee landed. The third round was close, and after three rounds the fight was ruled a majority draw and they proceeded to an extra round. In the extra round things started off right until Schilling scored a flash knockdown on Levin, which Levin protested. The tide of the fight shifted and when it was over Schilling was declared the winner.


Glory Middleweight Tournament Final
Joe Schilling def. Artem Levin via Extra Round Decision

Glory Middleweight Tournament Semi-Finals
Artem Levin def. Jason Wilnis via Unanimous Decision
Joe Schilling def. Kengo Shimizu via Unanimous Decision

Tournament Reserve Bout
Wayne Barrett def. Robby Plotkin via (T)KO at 2:26 of Rd. 1

Super Fights
Robin van Roosmalen def. Shemsi Beqiri via Unanimous Decision
David Kiria def. Murthel Groenhart via Unanimous Decision
Brian Collette def. Randy Blake via Unanimous Decision
Ky Hollenbeck def. Albert Kraus via Unanimous Decision
Hinata Watanabe def. Johann Fauveau via (T)KO at 0:48 of Rd. 3 
Karapet Karapetyan def. Aleksandr Stetcurenko via Unanimous Decision
Jahfarr Wilnis def. Brice Guidon via KO
Niclas Larsen def. Andy Ristie via Unanimous Decision
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  1. Looks like Eddie Walker took a beating the whole fight up until the knock out. It there was a rematch the outcome would not be this. still stand by what I say. Eddie walker is too chicken shit for a rematch. Everyone knows he was getting tossed around like a rag doll. Had no business even fighting Wakeling. Even the novice fan can distinguish what a top tier fighter looks like. I'm not even hating. Props to him for working hard and accomplishing his dreams... To get more info please visit