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Andrei Stoica talks career and upcoming Super Kombat fight

Andrei Stoica is one of Romania’s best Kickboxers. The 26 year old has made a name for himself with his brutal power, 19 of his 29 wins have come by (T)KO. His brother Bogdan is also one of the top Romanian Kickboxers. Together this duo has helped keep Romania on the Kickboxing map. His next fight will take place tomorrow at Super Kombat “New Heroes Targoviste” against Algeria’s Zinedine Hameur-Lain. Andrei was kind enough to speak to Muay Thai Authority about his fight career.

MTA: You are one of Romania's top fighters along with you brother Bogdan, how did you get started in Kickboxing?

Andrei: I’ve always been in love with combat sports. In the beginning I started with judo, but when I had 17 years I was impressed by Local Kombat shows and I started to practice Wushu and kickboxing at Catalin Zmarandescu’s gym, who was in that time a big name in Romania. I was fighting more in Wushu competition, but then me and my brother became professional fighters in Kickboxing.

MTA: When you started competing was it recreational or did you plan on becoming a professional fighter from the beginning?

Andrei: In the beginning I was thinking only at amateurs, but then I know I can build my own career in professional stand-up martial sports shows. I made my debut in Local Kombat three years ago. I lost against James Phillips after a decision, but I got another chance and next three fights I won via KO in the first round. I want to thank Super Kombat president, Mister Eduard Irimia, because he gives this chance to fight in a great combat series.

MTA: How is the sibling rivalry between your brother and you? Do things get pretty intense in training?

Andrei: Between me and my brother will probably exist always a hidden competition, every one of us wants to be number one. This competition helps both of us. Also, in the time of training I consider Bogdan the best sparring-partner. The trainings with him help me a lot before my fights.

MTA: Are you more nervous when your brother steps into the ring to fight than when you do?

Andrei: For sure I have more emotion at Bogdan’s fights than my fights. I live at high intensity all his fights from his corner. I’d always want to take his place in the ring and fight in his place. It will be hard this Friday because his fight is next after mine, so I will try for a fast KO to be ready for the second fight! (Laughing)

MTA: If you could pick any opponent to face in the ring who would it be and why?

Andrei: I don’t want a special opponent, but for sure my target is the elite of the competition. I have only 3 years as a professional fighter, but I think I’m ready for a fight with any opponent.

MTA: You have a fight on the upcoming Super Kombat event against Zinedine Hameur-Lain, how is training for the fight going? Is there anything different than you are doing in your training?

Andrei: They’re going perfect until now I’m on last 100 meters. I’m ready for this fight and I’m hungry for wins because this year I fought only once, at K-1 Final and the decision was incorrect. I’m training for an opponent who can trouble me; he shows his skills against Alexey Ignashov. I will not underestimate him.

MTA: The fight will be in Romania, do you think that having the crowd on your side gives you an advantage?

Andrei: In the ring I will be only with my opponent, but of course when I will step up to the ring I will take my energy from the crowd. In front of my fans I lost just one time after a mistake so I’m sure I will have another victory in my record.

MTA: What do you think about your opponent, Zinedine Hameur-Lain?

Andrei: Is a strong fighter. I saw his fight against Alexey Ignashov, and as I told you, I will not underestimate him. I will try to find his weakness from the beginning. I will do my job, as my coach Alin Panaite, told me.
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