Friday, May 17, 2013

M-One "Reborn" Results: Sagetdao retains WBC Muay Thail World Super Lightweight Title

M-One “Reborn” took place last night at San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA. In the night’s main event Sagetdao Petpayathai and Tetsuya Yamato fought for Sagetdao’s WBC Muay Thai super lightweight world title. As expected Sagetdao started off slow as he went through the feeling out process, however, once the second round started he began to pick up the pace. Surprisingly to many, he did not try to engage Yamato in the clinch as much as expected. Yamato was more than game as he let the leather fly and answered most of what Sagetdao threw his way. It was a close fight going into the fourth round when Sagetdao began to let his elbows fly and was able to open a cut over the right eye of Yamato. The doctor was brought in to examine the cut and the bout was stopped in the fourth round awarding Sagetdao the fight. With the win Sagetdao retains his WBC world title.

In the night’s co-main event Romie Adanza and Jomhod Sagami got to fight for a little over a minute before a cut was again the culprit of ending a fight early. Jomhod clinched for a brief second and delivered a lighting quick elbow that opened up a nice sized cut on the right side of Adanza’s forehead. The doctor was called in to inspect the cut, and Adanza could be seen pleading to the doctor to let the fight to continue, but despite his pleas the doctor stopped the fight.

Superbon Suppachai started strong against Craig Jose in their bout. In the early rounds Superbon was aggressive with his attacks and continuously targeted Jose’s lead leg with kicks. It seemed Superbon was on the way to a clear cut victory, but in the fourth round the resilient Jose started to turn the pressure up as Superbon began to fade. He went to work with all his tools and by the end of the bout what seemed like it would be a clear cut win for Superbon now seemed like it could go to either fighter. In the end all three judges awarded the fight to Superbon.

In the first of the Thailand vs. The World matches Thanongdeth Petpayathai made quick work of Charlie Peters. The fight was very even until a kick from Thanongdeth seemed to hurt Peters, when Thanongdeth realized Peters was hurt he pounced and delivered a couple of knees that sent Peters down and he was not able to beat the referee’s count. It seemed that Peters might have caught a toe in the eye which is what led to his demise in the bout.

Bryce Krause and Douglas Edwards fought for five hard rounds. The fight was pretty close from the start as both fighters landed their fair share. Edwards pressed the fight, but Krause was more than happy to stand back and counter with crisp strikes. In the end the close bout was awarded to Kruase by all three judges. With the win Krause defended his MTAA National super welterweight title.

The night’s other three pro bouts were all stoppages. Adam Rothweiler scored and exciting head kick knockout of Jessie Magusen, Glen Spencer used knees to the body to stop Sebastian Lopez, and Joey Pagliuso landed a devastating right hand to end Karlos Aldama's night early.


Sagetdao Petpayathai def. Testuya Yamato via (T)KO (Cut) at 1:38 of Rd. 4
Jomhod Sagami def. Romie Adanza via (T)KO (Cut) at 1:21 of Rd. 1
Superbon Suppachai def. Craig Jose via Unanimous Decision
Thanongdeth Petpayathai def. Charlie Peters via KO at 2:57 of Rd. 1
Bryce Krause def. Douglas Edwards via Unanimous Decision
Glen Spencer def. Sebastian Lopez via (T)KO (Knees) at 1:35 of Rd. 3
Adam Rothweiler def. Jessie Magusen via KO (Head Kick) at 1:43 of Rd. 1
Joey Pagliuso def. Karlos Aldama via KO at 1:00 of Rd. 1

Eric Luna def. David Huerta via Unanimous Decision
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