Monday, April 29, 2013

Riddick Bowe's Muay Thai debut no longer happening, entire event canceled

When Riddick Bowe announced he would be fighting Muay Thai last month many immediately doubted the seriousness of his claim. When the fight card he would be a part of was announced people were excited, despite many thinking Bowe fighting Muay Thai was a farce, it was on a stacked fight card. The event was set to feature Simon Marcus, Chike Lindsay, Saiyok Pumpanmuang, Sean Kearny, Kaoklai Kaennorsing, an more. There was that group of people, however, who believed that event would never happen and it was just a ploy for attention, it seems those people were correct. The Muaythai Superfight event that was set to feature Riddick Bowe's Muay Thai debut has been canceled.

The reason for the cancellation of the event is currently unknown, but one of the rumors flying around was that Bowe was injured in training and the entire fight card was scrapped. If that is the case it is pretty unfortunate that several other high level fighters won't have the opportunity to show case their skills and get paid because a side show attraction such as Riddick Bowe in Muay Thai wont be happening on the fight card.
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