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Results and Recap: Push Kick Promotions "World Stand Off"

Pomona, CA -- Push Kick Promotions “World Stand Off” took place on Saturday night at the Pomona Fairplex in Pomona, CA. The night’s main event featured about between Chike Lindsay of Atlanta against Thai legend Somluck Kamsing. After a slow start Lindsay tried to pick up the action, but Somluck’s defense kept Lindsay from taking full control of the bout despite his efforts. Lindsay was still able to show his good form and technique en route to a unanimous decision victory over the resilient and savvy Somluck.

Kicking off the night’s fights was a bout between Moses Sangtiennoi and Ray Cole. Sangtiennoi came out aggressive pushing the pace against Cole who was making a return to action after a three year absence. An elbow by Moses knocked Cole down, who was able to continue after beating the count. Moments later a combination of knees and punches sent Cole to the canvas again and the referee stepped in to halt the bout, giving Moses the (T)KO victory.

Matt Embree took on last minute replacement Ben Yelle in an action packed fight. Embree came out more aggressive than usual and used solid clinch work and accurate striking to pick Yelle apart. He opened Yelle up with an elbow and landed solid knee strikes from the clinch. It was another solid performance by Embree as he took home a unanimous decision win. Embree continues to cement his name as one of the top North American fighters.

Malaipet Sasiprapa and Sean Kearney went the distance. After a first round that saw Malaipet show boating a bit, Kearney seemed to turn the pressure up in the second and third rounds as he pressed the action. Malaipet was able to land a couple of sweeps which caused the pro Malaipet crowd to cheer. Kearney continued to move forward attacking with knees to make his way inside and looked comfortable in the clinch. In the end the fight was a lot closer than the surprising judges’ scores of 30-27 across the board seemed to reflect, but Malaipet walked away with the unanimous decision victory.

Neungsiam Samphusri turned in a dominating performance against Michael Perez. Nice combinations from Neungsiam were giving Perez trouble early, eventually putting him down for good at 1:47 of the first round.

Josh Aragon made a successful pro debut by defeating veteran Shawn Yacoubian in an entertaining fight. Aragon pressed the action and showed a well rounded arsenal. Yacoubian showed he was game as he was not afraid to exchange with Aragon, but in the end Aragon’s aggressive style was too much and he was awarded a unanimous decision.

Glen Spencer and Brett Martin were involved in an exciting fight from start to end. Spencer pushed the pace from the beginning of the bout, but Martin was willing to exchange with him. In the second round Spencer turned the pressure up as it seemed Martin was starting to fade. Spencer was able to send Martin to the canvas after several knees to the mid section from the clinch. After answering the referee’s count Martin was again sent to the canvas for good after a combination followed by a flying knee from Spencer connected. The referee stepped in to stop the bout giving Spencer the second round (T)KO.

In what was arguably the fight of the night Chase Green and Daniel Kim fought two hard back and forth rounds, but it seemed that Green was likely ahead on the score cards entering the third and final round. In the third round it seemed Kim injured his knee, but Green was not able to capitalize on it. Instead Kim connected with a punch that knocked Green down, although he got back to his feet immediately. They continued to fight back and forth for until the end of the round. Two judges score the fight 28-28 and one judge scored it 29-27 for Kim and the fight was declared a Majority Draw.

The night ended with a bang. In the final fight of the night Sheldon Gaines scored a devastating head kick knockout of Sam Poulton 30 seconds into the first round. Gaines connected with a punch that seemed to stun Poulton as the bout began; an elbow then opened a cut on the top of Poulton’s head. Moments later a perfectly timed head kick ended the bout. Impressive performance by Gaines.


Chike Lindsay def. Somluck Kamsing via Unanimous Decision
Moses Sangtiennoi def. Ray Cole via (T)KO at 2:31 of Rd. 1
Matt Embree def. Ben Yelle via Unanimous Decision
Malaipet Sasiprapa def. Sean Kearney via Unanimous Decision
Neungsiam Samphusri def. Michael Perez via KO at 1:47 of Rd. 1
Josh Aragon def. Shawn Yacoubian via Unanimous Decision
Glen Spencer def. Brett Martin via (T)KO at 1:48 of Rd. 2
Chase Green and Daniel Kim fight to a Majority Draw
Sheldon Gaines def. Sam Poulton via KO (Head Kick) at 0:30 of Rd. 1

Lainel Briones def. Carlo Otiniano via Unanimous Decision
Jessica Rico def. Bianca Marrufo via Unanimous Decision
Shane Riley def. Jonathan Garcia via Unanimous Decision
Victor Alvarez def. Josh Shin via Unanimous Decision
Ron Cruz def. Jose Hernandez via Unanimous Decision
Manny Mancha def. Duane Bell via Unanimous Decision
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  1. I heard that Somluck had an injured arm before the fight and couldn't really throw punches. Given his good boxing skills and the lack of punches thrown, it was probably true. That would explain why he was pretty much showing a defense game all night when he has a history of throwing a huge variety of arsenal. He does have a good eye on his opponent though. Reminds me of the Kung Fu Grandmaster in old Kung Fu movies where they just stand there and their opponent can't touch them. Lindsay is a good fighter, but seriously, he couldn't really land anything on Old Grandmaster Somluck. In the end, the match was a pretty boring one.

  2. You can watch the full fight on youtube here: