Thursday, March 14, 2013

Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus a year in the making, but well worth the wait

Artem Levin has been considered the best light heavyweight in the world for the past two years. In that time span Simon Marcus has been battling his way to the top and at Lion Fight 9 they will fight to see who the undisputed best light heavyweight in the world is. The fight between Levin and Marcus is over a year in the making. When the Muaythai Premier League (MPL) made its debut in 2011, everyone expected to see Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus in the league championship, but the MPL folded after just three events. After the MPL, Levin continued to fight international opponents and continued to cement his number one status. All the while, Marcus worked to make his imprint on the North American Muay Thai scene.

By mid 2012, Artem Levin and Simon Marcus were set to fight in Thailand, but the fight fell through. The event was then rescheduled twice in late 2012, and each time the event was canceled. It seemed the fight that fans around the world wanted to see would never happen and then Lion Fight stepped up.

With both fighters now in Las Vegas ready to fight for the inaugural Lion Fight World Light Heavyweight Title, fans can rest assured that at Lion Fight 9 they will see the two best light heavyweights in the world lock horns.

Both Levin and Marcus have expressed their relief that the fight is finally happening.

“Yes, I’m excited. No more negotiations, plans, suggestions, speculations. It’s time get in the ring. Let’s know who’s the best”, said Levin.

Marcus expressed the same sentiments.

“I'm very happy to be getting this fight and opportunity”, said Marcus. “For me there is nothing more important in my fight career than to be established as the best fighter in the world and this is my chance to do so”.

Both fighters are well aware that they are at the pinnacle of their division, and at Lion Fight 9 the world will know who the best is. There will be no speculation, no assumptions, just the final result of what many expect to be a great battle.

Mutual respect for one another is something both fighters share, but confidence is something both fighters possess. When asked what advantage their opponent might have in the fight, each acknowledged some slight advantage in an area, but both stated they were not worried about it.

“His physical power and clinch are undoubtedly advantages”, said Levin. “But we can use it against him”.

Marcus listed experience as Levin’s advantage.

“The one advantage Artem may have is being more experienced than myself”, said Marcus. “But that has never been a problem in my fight career before. I believe when you have a strong foundation there are many ways to overcome a more experienced fighter.”

In a way it is a blessing in disguise that the fight fell through as many times as it did. Why? Because now that Lion Fight is on AXS TV it will be seen by fight fans across the country, and they won’t need to rely on a low quality or choppy stream.

Who will walk away the undisputed champion? That is anyone’s guess. The only thing that is certain is that come the end of Lion Fight 9 we will have our answer.
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