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Results and Recap: Muay Thai in America "In Honor of the King"

Muay Thai in America “In Honor of the King” took place last night at Raleigh Studios in Playa Vista, CA. In the night’s main event Canadian powerhouse Simon Marcus faced Sadibou Sy of Sweden. Marcus was able to keep his perfect record intact as he improved to 29-0 with a third round knockout. Early on in the fight Sy was using some good ring movement to keep Marcus from walking him down, Sy was also able to connect with some solid punches. In the third round Marcus continued to move forward as he tried to walk Sy down, once in range Marcus connected with a right elbow to the head of Sy that clearly hurt him and Marcus followed with a left elbow that sent Sy down. Sy was unable to get up and the fight was stopped. Marcus is now 6-0 in 2012 and continues to show why he is considered one of the best in the world.

In the night’s co-main event Amanda Kelly and Julie Kitchen put on a show for the fans as they fought five hard rounds of non stop action. From the start of the fight Kelly was the aggressor in the bout and was very comfortable in the clinch as she looked to land elbows and knees. Kitchen was more than willing to exchange with Kelly and as the rounds passed she got a bit more aggressive. In the end it seems like Kelly’s constant pressure and forward movement helped her get the split decision victory from the judges. A huge win for Amanda Kelly, it will be interesting to see who she fights next.

Chike Lindsay was able to defeat Christpohe Pruvost by unanimous decision after five hard fought rounds. Lindsay took the lead early as he used his blend of speed and strength to connect with nice combinations as well as work well in the clinch. Pruvost began to get more aggressive in the later rounds, but Lindsay was accurate with his strikes. Despite Pruvost being able to land some solid strikes in the later rounds it was too little too late.

In what can simply be descried as a back and forth barn burner of a fight Andy Howson and Thanit Watthanaya showed nothing but heart in their bout. After a slow first round things rapidly picked up when Watthanaya knocked Howson down in the second round with a perfectly timed punch. In the third round Howson returned the favor by landing a right that sent Watthanaya to the canvas. Once back on his feet Watthanaya seemed to still be dazed a bit and Howson pounced trying to finish the fight and both fighters exchanged shot for shot in an exciting round. In the fourth round Howson was once again able to knockdown Watthanaya and after Watthanaya was back on his feet both fighters continued to sling the leather, but it was clear that Howson was getting the better of the exchanges. In the fifth round Watthanaya connected with a right that sent Howson down. As Howson tried to get back to his feet it was clear he was hurt as he wobbled trying to gain in his balance and the referee was forced to stop the fight. This was a huge win for Watthanaya and an extremely exciting fight.

Paul Karpowicz and Coke Chunhawat kicked off the main card in a solid bout that introduced one of England’s best young talents to the American audience. Karpowicz from the start of the fight used solid combinations and good movement to stifle Coke’s attacks. Karpowicz used a well versed attack than included everything tool in his arsenal. Despite Chunhawat turning the pressure on in the later rounds, Karpowicz was able to hold his ground and continue his attacks. All three judges scored the bout 50-45 for Karpowicz, awarding him the unanimous decision victory.

In the night’s first under card bout Joseph Valtellini out struck Mehdi Baghdad to win a unanimous decision. Valtellini used nice combinations in the fight and constantly attacked Baghdad’s legs with kicks. Baghdad seemed to have no answer for Valtellini’s attack, but in the fourth round an elbow from Baghdad opened up a cut on the top of Valtellini’s head that began to bleed profusely. At one point the bout was stopped so the doctor could check on the cut, it seemed it might be over but they allowed the fight to continue. Valtellini continued to attack Baghdad’s legs and use his combinations to score until the end of the fight.

Salah Abdelsalam defeated Justin Greskiewicz by (T)KO in the third round. Greskiewicz and Abdelsalam were involved in a close fight when Abdelsalam landed a perfectly timed elbow to the right eye of Greskiewicz. It was immediately noticeable that Greskiewicz was hurt as he dropped to the canvas and signaled he could not continue. His right eye immediately became swollen and was closed as the elbow from Abdelsalam cut Greskiewicz eyelid.

Greg Wootton and Noun Soriya were involved in an entertaining fight. It was clear that the taller Wootton was on a mission from the start of the fight as he pressed forward attacking Soriya. Despite Wootton’s clear height advantage Soriya used everything in his arsenal, including some unorthodox methods. At one point Soriya fell to his knees after a slip but continued to punch Wootton to the body. The referee gave Soriya a warning but the crowd loved it as laughs and cheers came for Soriya. In the third round Wootton came out on a clear mission and after cornering Soriya he began to unload elbows and punches on Soriya eventually landing a knee to the body that knocked Soriya down and the referee stopped the bout.

Simon Marcus def. Sadibou Sy via KO (Elbow) at 1:07 of Rd. 3
Amanda Kelly def. Julie Kitchen via Split Decision
Chike Lindsay def. Christophe Pruvost via Unanimous Decision
Thanit Watthanaya def. Andy Howson via KO at 1:01 of Rd. 5
Paul Karpowicz def. Coke Chunhawat via Unanimous Decision
Joseph Valtellini def. Mehdi Baghdad via Unanimous Decision
Salah Abdelsalam def. Justin Greskiewicz via KO at 2:28 of Rd. 3
Greg Wootton def. Noun Soriya via (T)KO at 2:27 of Rd. 3
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