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Updated North America P4P Rankings 11/20/2012

Since our last update in March to the P4P rankings, there has been a lot of shake up. Simon Marcus takes the number 1 spot, while new entrants Eddie Walker, Shane Campbell and Gregory Choplin join the ranks. Michael Mananquil returns to the list after a successful comeback following a year long layoff. Falling out of the rankings is Joseph Valtellini following a loss to Choplin, Chaz Mulkey after going 1-2 in his last three, Josh Palmer after three consecutive losses, and Kevin Ross after being inactive for one year (Ross will become eligible for the rankings again following his next fight).
1. Simon Marcus (28-0)
It has been a huge year for Marcus as he has established his dominating presence in the North American Muay Thai scene. Marcus has not competed since his second victory over Joe Schilling at Lion Fight Muay Thai VI. In the re-match, the “Bad Bwoy” hit the canvas in the first round but rallied back to win a majority decision. A bout with Artem Levin in June was scrapped, but now is scheduled to take place December 21st in Russia after the previously announced November date was postponed. Before Marcus can focus on Levin he will have to get past Sadibou Sy at MTIA: In Honor of the King on December 1st in Los Angeles. It should prove to be a good test for Marcus after several months off.
2. Ky Hollenbeck (15-2-1)
Hollenbeck has clearly established himself as the top name from the United States. Most recently he lost to Giorgio Petrosyan in the Glory Final 8 when he suffered a knee injury in the second round. Aside form a knockdown in round one, Hollenbeck was going toe-to-toe with Petrosyan. His unique style has served him well in his career, earning (T)KO victories over Michael Corley and Cyrus Washington earlier in the year. When he will be back in action is unknown yet, but expect nothing but big fights for Hollenbeck from now on.
3. Gregory Choplin (54-9)
With Choplin permanently residing in the U.S. now, he becomes eligible for the rankings. Choplin is currently riding a four-fight winning streak with his latest win coming via decision over Joseph Valtellini at Lion Fight Muay Thai 7. Choplin is a serious threat to anyone in the 160-165lb weight range. His next fight is currently unknown.

4. Matt Embree (22-4)
Embree has had a solid 2012 campaign, establishing himself as one of the best in his weight class in North America. The Siam no. 1 fighter has gone 3-1 in 2012 with his only loss coming by decision to Lerdsila Chumpairtour. He most recently defeated Nate Smandych by unanimous decision at Journey Fight Series VIII. He is expected to face Greg Wooton at MTIA: In Honor of the King on December 1st in Los Angeles.

5. Romie Adanza (13-4)
The exciting Adanza has been in a rough patch as of late, after losses in Muay Thai and K-1. A controversial decision loss in his rematch with Thanit Whattanaya was the first, while a second in K-1, originally set to face Andy Howson for a rematch, Adanza's opponent was changed to a re-match with Shuichi Wentz when Howson was forced to withdraw due to injury. Wentz ended Adanza’s night 23 seconds into the fight when he connected with a perfectly time head kick. Adanza’s next bout is currently unknown, but a re-match with Andy Howson is something fans have been looking forward to.

6. Eddie Walker (9-1-1) (@EddieShowtime)
Walker punched his way into the rankings with a short right hand. Despite having been knocked down twice and being clearly behind on the score cards, he was able to rally and knock out Joe Schilling at Lion Fight Muay Thai 7. Knocking out one of the top names in America now opens up some possibilities for the fighter out of Georgia. Whether a re-match with Schilling or a crack at someone like Simon Marcus, fans are curious to see if Walker can power his way to the top. Was it a lucky punch as his detractors seem to think or does he really have dynamite in those fists as his supporters are stating? Regardless of what happens next, all eyes are going to be on Eddie Walker. 

7. Joe Schilling (13-4)
It has been a rough year in the ring for Schilling. After his dominating win over Kaoklai to end 2011, Schilling has gone 1-3, with two losses to Simon Marcus. He then defeated Karapet Karapetchyan by decision at Battle of the Belts in Thailand, while most recently taking a KO loss to Eddie Walker. What’s next for Schilling is not known, but a potential re-match with Walker in the future is something that might be a possibility.

8. Jesse Miles (14-3)
Miles hasn’t competed since exciting knockout victory over Wattana Sit Jor at the Jawbreaker 3 event in Canada. The win followed his run on the TV reality show :"The Challenger Muaythai." Currently Miles next fight is still to be determined, although in the last year he has taken some high profile fights and fans shouldn’t be surprised if that happens once again.

9. Shane Campbell (46-10) (@ShaolinStyleMMA)
Campbell returned to Muay Thai after nearly a three year hiatus to focus on MMA. He was a last minute replacement for the Journey Fight Series 160lb tournament. In the opening round he scored a knockout of Nate Chambers, then defeated Troy Sheridan in the tournament semi-finals by decision to advance to the finale against Sean McKinnon in 2013. Campbell’s aggressive style and powerful punching is something his opponents need to take note of. Currently there is no word if he will take a Muay Thai or Kickboxing bout before he meets McKinnon in March.
10. Michael Mananquil (22-4)
Mananquil returned to action in 2012 after a year-long layoff. His first fight back was against arguably the best fighter from Mexico, Luis Bio. Despite moving up to 154lbs, Mananquil was able to score a (T)KO in the third round via a cut. He then faced Scotty Leffler at the K-1: Los Angeles event where he won a decision over Leffler in a very exciting fight. Mananquil showed he can fight a technical fight or let the leather sling, if needed. With Mananquil seeming like he might be permanently making the move from 147lbs to 154lbs. A re-match with Shane Campbell might be an interesting possibility. Campbell handed Mananquil the first loss of his career. His next fight is yet unknown but there are many possibilities for him.

Rankings qualification - Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts are all taken into consideration for the rankings. These rankings are not only based on Muay Thai Fights as many fighters compete in both full rules Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts. Fighters are not to be inactive for any period longer than 12 months or they will be dropped from the rankings unless a fight is schedule within a month from the date they become ineligible. Fighter's that compete in two weight classes will be assigned a weight class that they compete in regularly or hold a major title in. Fighters that permanently reside in North America are eligible for the rankings.

*If you are currently ranked in a weight class and would like to switch weight classes please notify Rankings@MuayThaiAuthority.com. Switching weight classes does not guarantee you will be ranked in the new weight class.
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