Monday, November 12, 2012

Results and Recap: Take-On Productions: Muay Thai at the Mecca 2

Take-On Productions returned to the theater at Madison Square Garden this weekend with Muay Thai at the Mecca 2. The night’s fights were action packed and headlined by Chike Lindsay and Cyrus Washington.

Both fighters started out fairly even in the fight with strong kicks, but as the rounds started to pass Lindsay began to find his tempo and started to pull away. Washington was more than willing to engage with, but Lindsay seemed to be just a step ahead as he was more accurate with his strikes. In the end the judges scored the bout a unanimous decision victory for Lindsay with scores of 50-45 twice and 49-46 once.

In the night’s main event Eddie Martinez was taking on Italy’s Angelo Campoli. Both men made sure to keep the crowd entertained as they fought tooth and nail for five rounds. Both throwing and landing hard kicks, punches and knees. Martinez was the bigger fighter and he was able to use that to his advantage. It was a tightly contested fight through out and in the end despite Campoli constantly moving forward, Martinez was able to land some clean combinations. The judges scored the bout a unanimous decision victory for Eddie Martinez.

Jay Matias welcomed Cody Moberly to the pro ranks with some vicious knees. Despite an early sweep by Moberly, Matias was on point. He went to work early to the body with punches and kicks. Two consecutive knees from Matias send Moberly down. When the fight resumes Matias continues to unload at one point knocking Moberly down again, but he jumped right back to his feet and the referee didn’t give him a count. Another knee to the head sends Moberly down again and an eight count is given. It seemed Moberly was going to make it out of the first round but with less than ten second left Matias unloaded a flying knee that sent Moberly crashing to the canvas and the fight was called off. Nice looking (T)KO win for Jay Matias.

Nick Vaughn and Phil LeGrand were both making their professional debuts. LeGrand used a lot of movement in the fight and both fighters had their moments landing solid kicks through out the bout. In the end Nick Vaughn was able to take home the win as the judges awarded him the split decision victory.

In the night’s opening pro bout Ryan Madigan and Tarek Rached met under K-1 rules. The bout was a re-match from a few years back which Rached had won. Both fighters started off with some stiff punches and kicks. As the first round is coming to an end Rached unloads some left kicks to the left knee of Madigan and he goes down. Madigan is unable to get up and is counted out giving Rached the KO victory with only one second left in the first round.

Chike Lindsay def. Cyrus Washington via Unanimous Decision
Eddie Martinez def. Angelo Campoli via Unanimous Decision
Jay Matias def. Cody Moberly via (T)KO at 2:57 of Rd. 1
Nick Vaughn def. Phil LeGrand via Split Decision
Tarek Rached def. Ryan Madigan via KO (Leg Kicks) at 2:59 or Rd. 1

Sean Fagan def. Joey Hernandez via (T)KO at 1:29 or Rd. 5
Sokun Kit def. Henry Lee via Unanimous Decision
Elijah Clarke def. Angel Flores via Unanimous Decision
Steve Hernandez def. Ariel Abreu via Unanimous Decision
Pawel Zawistowski def. Jovan Davis via Unanimous Decision
Manny Casais def. Jeff Hobbs via Unanimous Decision
Jess Ng def. Melanie Odria via Unanimous Decision
Irina Khouade def. Chantal Perry via Unanimous Decision

*Photo by Bauzen
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