Saturday, September 8, 2012

Results and Recap: K-1 Los Angeles Heavyweight GP

The first bout of the K-1 Heavyweight GP featured Seth Petruzelli and Xavier Vigney. Petruzelli did a good job of not letting Vigney used his long limbs early on, but it didn’t take long before Vigney found his mark. A right hand knocked down Petruzelli in the first and after answering the count another right knocked Petruzelli down again. It seemed Petruzelli didn’t beat the count but the bout continued into the second round. In the second round a short left from Vigney knocked Petruzelli down again. After answering the count a brief exchange ended with a knee up the middle from Vigney and Petruzelli went down again. The referee wasn’t going to count but Petruzelli would not get up. The KO win for Vigney came at 1:17 of the second round.

Rick Roufus and Mighty Mo, two veterans of the sport fought for three hard rounds. Mighty Mo was the aggressor as Roufus looked to use counter strikes. Roufus was able to avoid Mighty Mo’s big strikes and land some solid counter punches and kicks. In the end the judges awarded Roufus a split decision victory.

It was clear going into the third fight of the Heavyweight GP that Jarrell Miller and Jack May did not like each other. May came out aggressive firing of flurries of punches at Miller who calmly blocked the strikes. Miller then connected with a perfectly placed right uppercut that sent May to the canvas. May was able to answer the referee’s count, but Miller could smell the blood and was looking for the finish. Another uppercut dropped May again and he was not able to answer the count as Miller took home the win by first round knockout.

Dewey Cooper and Randy Blake met in final bout of the K-1 Heavyweight GP and the night’s main event. Blake was clearly looking to keep Cooper at a distance so he could take advantage of his length. Cooper on the other hand was looking to get in close and let his hands and knees fly. The fight was close the entire time as Blake would score from a distance and then Cooper would pummel his way to the inside and unleash some flurries. Blake, however, was able to score from the outside with the cleaner strikes and in the end took home a unanimous decision victory on the judges score cards.

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Heavyweight GP Results:
Xavier Vigney def. Seth Petruzelli via KO (Knee) at 1:17 of Rd. 2
Rick Roufus def. Mighty Mo via Split Decision
Jarrell Miller def. Jack May via KO at 2:42 of Rd. 1
Randy Blake def. Dewey Cooper via Unanimous Decision

Super Fights Results:
Shuichi Wentz def. Romie Adanza via KO (Head Kick) at 0:23 of Rd. 1
Kang En def. Travis Garlits via Unanimous Decision
Gabriel Varga def. Lerdsila Chumpairtour via Unanimous Decision
Jeremiah Metcalf def. Markhaile Wedderburn via KO (Knee) at 2:12 of Rd. 1

MAX Tourney Results:
Justin Greskiewicz def. Bryce Krause via (T)KO at 1:22 of Rd. 3
Joey Pagliuso def. Ben Yelle via (T)KO at 0:18 of Rd. 3
Michael Mananquil def. Scotty Leffler via Unanimous Decision
Chaz Mulkey def. Kit Cope via (T)KO at 2:16 of Rd. 2

Under Card Results: 
Mike Lemaire def. Glen Spencer, Jr. via Unanimous Decision
Damien Early def. Jermaine Soto via KO at 1:14 of Rd. 3
James Wilson def. Doug Sauer via KO at 2:32 of Rd. 1
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