Saturday, September 8, 2012

Results and Recap: K-1 Los Angeles MAX Tourney fights

Justin Greskiewicz and Bryce Krause kicked off the K-1 Max Tournament. Krause came out strong and looked to be ready to take this fight over after a strong first round. His hands looked great and he seemed more accurate and aggressive than Greskiewicz. In the second round, however, the tables turned. As Krause had Greskiewicz in the corner he was countered by a right that hurt him and then a flurry of strikes from Greskiewicz followed. A right sent Krause down, after answering the referee’s count another right by Greskiewicz dropped Krause again, but he is able to make it out of the round. Krause comes out looking aggressive once again to start the third round. A right by Greskiewicz a minute into the round hurt Krause, Greskiewicz followed up with more punches, a knee and then more punches until Krause took a knee and the referee stopped the fight.

Joey Pagliuso was a man on a mission in the second bout of the Max Tourney. Pagliuso came out looking end his fight with Ben Yelle as he was throwing heavy strikes. Heavy right hands were landing by Pagliuso in the opening frame and as it ended a flying knee by Pagliuso knocked Yelle down. Yelle made into the second round and Pagliuso continued his assault scoring two knocking down after connecting with some heavy right hands. Despite the damage Yelle pushed through and made it out of the round, but it wasn’t long before the end. 18 second into the third round a right hand by Pagliuso stunned Yelle and as Pagliuso followed up with strikes the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

Scotty Leffler and Michael Mananquil put on an exciting fight for fans. From the opening bell until the final bell it was back and forth with both fighters throwing everything in their arsenal. Punches, kicks and knees were all flying and both fighters were taking and dishing it out. In the end the judges awarded Michael Mananquil the unanimous decision victory. Very exciting fight from start to finish that easily could have gone to either fighter.

Kit Cope and Chaz Mulkey rounded out the Max Tourney. There was plenty of bad blood coming into this fight between the two fighters. The opening frame was rather close as Mulkey looks to stalk Cope who in return had no problem counter fighting. In the second round Cope attempted a spinning kick which Mulkey easily side stepped. Cope got up limping and Mulkey smelled the blood and immediately went in for the attack. He knocked Cope down who answered the referee’s count, but then another chop to Cope’s leg knocked him down for a second time. After answering the referee’s count he tried to attack Mulkey but it wasn’t long before Mulkey used another leg kick to send him down again. With the K-1 three knockdown rule in effect the fight was stopped. Mulkey then lost his cool and tried to go after Cope. The referee and ring officials held him back and cooler heads prevailed.

Under card fight results and recap here.

MAX Tourney Results:
Justin Greskiewicz def. Bryce Krause via (T)KO at 1:22 of Rd. 3
Joey Pagliuso def. Ben Yelle via (T)KO at 0:18 of Rd. 3
Michael Mananquil def. Scotty Leffler via Unanimous Decision
Chaz Mulkey def. Kit Cope via (T)KO at 2:16 of Rd. 2

Under Card Results: 
Mike Lemaire def. Glen Spencer, Jr. via Unanimous Decision
Damien Early def. Jermaine Soto via KO at 1:14 of Rd. 3
James Wilson def. Doug Sauer via KO at 2:32 of Rd. 1
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