Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Results and Recap: Thai Fight Pattaya; Buakaw wins by (T)KO

Thai Fight took place today in Pattaya, Thailand and Buakaw was back in action. There had been reports that Buakaw would not be fighting at the even, his former gym Por. Pramuk was trying to prevent him from fighting at the event and received a letter from the boxing board of control that stated Buakaw could not fight. His name was removed from the fight card and seemed there would be no Buakaw, but to the delight of many fans he was in action and taking on Rustem Zaripov

Buakaw wasted no time going to work and despite Zaripov’s efforts, Buakaw was just too much for him. In the second round Buakaw knocked Zaripov down with a punch, but he was able to answer the referee’s count. Buakaw kept landing his lighting fast kicks and it was clear that he was out of Zaripov’s league; despite efforts by Zaripov to get some offense going it, Buakaw was in command. A right hand late in the second round hurt Zaripov and then Buakaw began to tee off. A barrage of strikes followed that sent Zaripov down for good. Afterwards an emotional Buakaw addressed the crowd and stated he did not fight for himself today, but for his father and everyone that wanted to watch him fight.

Singmanee Kaewsamrit and Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee met to see who would represent Thailand in the next Thai Fight tournament. The fight was technical, but Singmanee was more aggressive than Sudsakorn. It was a close fight, but it seems like Sudsakorn’s laid back approach seemed to have cost him on the judge’s cards as Singmanee moved forward looking to land his strikes the entire fight. The judges awarded Singmanee the win and the right to represent Thailand in the next Thai Fight tournament.

Kem Sitsongpeenong used his elbows to end his fight against Mickael Cornubet in the opening round. Form the start of the fight it was clear that Kem was out to finish the fight as he aggressively pursued Cornubet. An elbow from Kem opened up a cut on the forehead of Cornubet and although he was originally allowed to continue by the doctor, it came back to haunt him later. After some back and forth action and more of Kim pursuing Cornuted, the referee once again called for the doctor to check on Corn bet’s cut and the second time the bout was stopped.

American Chaz Mulkey faced Bernueng TopKing Boxing in what can easily be considered Mulkey’s biggest test to date. Bernueng constantly looked to close the distance and exchange and it seemed Mulkey was on the defensive form the beginning. In the second round Bernueng really began to turn up the pressure as Mulkey seemed to fatigue in the fight. Bernueng pursued Mulkey landing several strikes and it seemed Mulkey was in survival mode. In the third round things seemed to slow down and Bernueng began to taunt Mulkey, although it seemed Bernueng was starting to tire as well. In the end the judges scored the fight for Bernueng, who took home the decision win.

Buakaw def. Rustem Zaripov via (T)KO in Rd. 2
Singmanee Kaewsamrit def. Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee via Decision
Kem Sitsongpeenong def. Mickael Cornubet via (T)KO (Cut) in Rd. 1
Bernueng TopKing Boxing def. Chaz Mulkey via Decision
Chanaeak PK Muaythaigym def. Bibi Team Nikiema via Decision
Kemarat Sitjapae def Mathias Sitsongpeenong via Decision
Roongroj Petchrungruang def. Danny Jittigym via Decision
Armin Matli def. Ibrham Chiahou via (T)KO in Rd. 1
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