Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simon Marcus talks win against Kaoklai and upcoming fight in China

Simon Marcus recently defeated Kaoklai Kaennorsing in Thailand. Simon was kind enough to answer a few questions for Muay Thai Authority about his fight with Kaoklai and his upcoming fight in China. Simon is scheduled to fight Joe Schilling in a highly anticipated re-match on May 12th at Lion Fight Muay Thai VI, but before that bout takes place Simon will be fighting two fighters in China. The fight(s) will be three rounds with one fighter and three rounds with another fighter back to back.

MTA: Simon you just defeated Kaoklai in Thailand. Did that fight go exactly as planned?

Simon: I would say the fight went exactly as planned because my only plan was to win.

MTA: In May you will be fighting Joe Schilling, he fought Kaoklai last October and knocked him out in the first round and you beat Kaoklai by decision. Critics will probably use that fight as a comparison, what do you have to say about that?

Simon: Everyone who's studies the fight game knows that styles make match ups. I think a better comparison is the first match between Joe and I.

MTA: Before you fight Schilling you have a fight in China, are you even thinking about the Joe Schilling fight right now when it isn't brought up to you by someone else?

Simon: No I'm not thinking about Joe Schilling, but I know that my training for the fight in China will carry over to the Schilling rematch.

MTA: In China you will actually be fighting two opponents, one for 3 round followed by another fight for 3 rounds. How do prepare for what is essentially two fights?

Simon: Cardio and power. I know fighting two opponents will not be easy so I am just making sure I am ready for a worst case scenario which would be a war with both fighters. I believe my technique is world class so the focus for this fight will be stamina.

MTA: Are you worried about fatigue at all when the second fighter steps in the ring?

Simon: No I’m not worried about fatigue. I believe the experience will give me a challenge that will only make me a better fighter. As a fighter one has to work with whatever cards you are dealt and still capture the victory.

MTA: Being that you will be fighting two fighters, does this change your approach to how you fight? Are more willing to come out looking to end the first fight as fast as possible?

Simon: I have a game plan in my mind for this fight but I can never tell how the fight will go. I have to be adaptable and willing to out score my opponent while saving energy or knock him out to bring the fight to an early end.

MTA: A lot of people don't realize that Muay Thai and training is your entire life, you actually live at the Siam No.1 gym correct? How much does it help being surrounded by Muay Thai all day long?

Simon: I now only live at my gym part time. When I have a fight I stay at the gym to train in the morning and the evening. When I dont have a fight I often go home. It helps a lot to surround myself with Muay Thai because at times when I don’t feel like training I am already at the gym and when I see everyone else training it also motivates me. Muay Thai is a life style and being at the gym allows no distractions.
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