Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simon Marcus responds to criticism concerning his victory over Joe Schilling

Simon Marcus was declared the winner Saturday night against Joe Schilling at Lion Fight Promotions "Battle in the Desert 5", but since then the internet has heated up with fiery debates between Simon Marcus and Joe Schilling fans. Accusations of Marcus using an illegal sweep on Schilling which ended with Schilling being dazed by the fall and upon restart of the fight knocked down with a left hook are running rampant. When approached by Muay Thai Authority concerning all of the debate around the victory and the accusations against him, Simon Marcus provided Muay Thai Authority with the following statement and the picture sequence that follows. It seems everyone has already made their decision and the best thing that can come is a re-match between these two world class athletes.

“With all the hype leading up to this fight I do agree that there are still some unanswered questions. First let me address those of you who claim I used a dirty or illegal technique to take down Joe. In Muay Thai there are rules that implicate the use of tripping with the heel hook or throwing with the hip are illegal. However, when I threw Joe down I took a step beside and not directly behind his foot and tossed Joe over my knee. Which is a perfectly legal move and is used frequently in Muay Thai. I think anybody who watches Muay Thai in Thailand would agree and understands this move. Also my foot never came off the canvas in a back word motion which would indicate a heel hook. If you watch the replay my foot stayed planted on the canvas even as we are both falling over. When this Muay Thai dump is executed usually one person is thrown to the ground. But in this case and often times the person being thrown (Joe) pulls the other person down too. As to not look as if they were thrown of balance by themselves. So when Joe pulled me down I fell on top of him resulting in him being dazed by the fall. As a fighter when you do something it is with the intentions to hurt your opponent. So when Joe was stunned because of the throw I took notice and followed up with a hook witch knocked him down once again. After he got up and answered the count, I then rushed in with a push kick to the face and an elbow which put him down again and led to the stoppage of the bout. One thing that some fight fans have to understand is that we are not playing a game we are fighting and trying to hurt each other. And that is exactly what happened in the result of my actions.

Now on the other hand, I do understand why some people feel that they are unsure as to what would have happened had Joe not been stunned by the fall. In my opinion the fight had not really started yet and it was over before the heat got turned up. So I have already agreed to rematch Joe shilling and give the fight fans and Muay Thai community another chance to see it play out all over again. I am also looking forward to proving once again than I am the better and more superior martial artist. In conclusion my victory was just as legit as any other but I am looking forward to the rematch and showing the fans another episode of one of the greatest North American rivalries of all time and leaving no questions unanswered."

Simon "Bad Bwoy" Marcus

Photography by Joe Pic

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  1. It appears Simon isn't telling the truth.

    If Simon threw Joe "over [his] knee" then why does Joe fall straight back? Look at the photos above.

    Also, Simon doesn't have underhooks in the clinch. His arms are awkwardly over Joe's shoulders. You can't throw anybody like that.

    No more BS. REMATCH!

  2. Half of clinching is learning how to use your oppenents direction of force and weight against him, with minimal effort on your part. If I was in that position I read it as Simon felt Joe pulling him in. As a result he popped his chest up and planted his foot while relying on Joe to do the rest of the work. The direction of the push over his knee can be centimetres and it would still be super effective! All you have to do is misdirect the weight direction of his knee if even for a little bit.

    The way Joe came into the fight was like a kickboxer "hopping" style. Simon Marcus displayed great Muay Thai tempo and Technique. Go train in Thailand and you'll learn what Muay Thai really is son