Saturday, February 4, 2012

NSAC approves winner take all scenario for Joe Schilling vs. Simon Marcus at Lion Fight Promotions "Battle in the Desert 5"

You here fighters talking all the time, most of the time it’s just hot air. Let it be known that Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus are not those type of fighters. The phrase “put your money where you mouth is” is expected to be in full effect at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” when Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus step into the ring. What first started as on-line jawing between the two has now turned their fight into a winner take all. All thought it has not been officially announced, Muay Thai Authority has been informed by very reliable sources that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has approved the winner take all scenario and that both fighters have agreed as well. This will be the first time that any fight promotion will feature a winner take all fight.

The talks started when in an interview with Simon Marcus stated “Schilling say your prayer's because on Feb/25/12 you will be exposed. And if you were a real champ you would put your belt on the line.” The battle then hit facebook when Simon Marcus responded to a Joe Schilling interview by saying “Since Joe is sooo confident, Let him know I'm down to put my whole purse up on this one.... Winner takes all...!!! Put your money$$ were your big Dead mouth is!” In true Joe Schilling fashion he
responded with the following “Just talked to the promoter. You know your better off taking your purse to the sports book and betting on me but if you want to go back to Canada broke and broken thats fine with me. You a pop tart sweetheart you soft in the middle. I'll match your purse. Your on!!!”

You have to give kudos not only to Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus for backing up their talk, but to Scott Kent and Lion Fight Promotions for stepping up to the plate and not letting this simply go down as a bunch of irrelevant internet banter. The fight between Schilling and Marcus is already highly anticipated by fans and the interest is expected to increase now that it is winner take all.

All of the action will be going down February 25th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. As soon as Muay Thai Authority can get an official announcement from Lion Fight Promotions we will let everyone know.
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  1. This is going to be a sick fight!!!
    Its fights like these are will continue to put Muay Thai on the map in America.

    After a great year for the US Muay Thai scene last year...this year seems like its off to a great start! War Muay Thai!