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North American Middleweight Rankings 12/22/2011

In addition to pound for pound rankings, Muay Thai Authority will now begin to rank fighters by weight class. The top five fighters in each weight class will be ranked in order from one to five. For a weight class to receive rankings there has to be at least five fighters that qualify to be ranked. If a weight class has two outstanding fighters, but there are not three other pro fighters that merit being in the rankings then there will be no rankings for that weight class. Below are the middleweight North American rankings, the rankings for the other eligible weight classes will be released in the following days.

1. Ky Hollenbeck (13-1-1) 
Hollenbeck recently tasted defeat for the first time in his career when he dropped a unanimous decision to Nieky Holzken in November of 2011. Despite the recent set back, Hollenbeck has established himself as a presence in the international Muay Thai scene. Victories in 2011 over Jordan Watson, Gregory Choplin, and Vuyisile Colossa have helped solidify his reputation. His next bout is scheduled for February 25th in Australia against Muay Thai legend, John Wayne Parr.

2. Chaz Mulkey (8-4)
Mulkey has had an excellent 2011 campaign, going 5-0 and securing victories over top fighters such as Simon Chu and Remy Bonnel. Mulkey’s next opponent is currently unknown, but he is expected to fight at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” in Las Vegas on February 25th. If Mulkey’s 2012 campaign is as successful as that of his 2011, then it is only a matter of time before he and Hollenbeck will be forced to lock horns.

3. Jesse Miles (13-3)
Miles was one of 16 fighters selected to compete on “The Challenger Muaythai.” He was eliminated in the opening round of the tournament by Mohd Faizal Bin Ramli. Despite the loss Miles still remains one of the best regarded Muay Thai fighters in North America. His next fight is currently expected to take place in early 2012.

4. Remy Bonnel (55-8)
Bonnel last saw action at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 3” where he dropped a very close split decision victory to Chaz Mulkey. His only other fight of 2011 was a (T)KO victory over Singsiri Por Sirichai in February at Lion Fight Promotions first event. His next bout is currently unknown.

5. Michael Corley (16-9)
Corley is set to take on Marco Pique in Suriname on December 23rd. Corley was one of the 16 fighters that was a part of the reality TV series “The Challenger Muaythai”. He was on the losing end of his fight against Vuyisile Colossa at the Finale this past November. A win against a name like Pique will definitely get him back on the right track to ascending the rankings. In February of 2012, he is also set to fight Chike Lindsay in Atlanta, GA.

Rankings qualification - Fighters are not to be inactive for any period longer than 12 months or they will be dropped from the rankings unless a fight is schedule within a month from the date they become ineligible. Fighter's that compete in two weight classes will be assigned a weight class that they compete in regularly or hold a major title in.

*If you are currently ranked in a weight class and would like to switch weight classes please notify Switching weight classes does not guarantee you will be ranked in the new weight class.
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