Saturday, September 24, 2011

Results and Recap: Friday Night Fights "Valtellini vs. Berrios"

Friday Night Fights threw its second event in eight days on Friday September 23rd and fans were in for a treat. The main event featured a bout between two of North America's hottest prospects in Canada's Joseph Valtellini and Florida's Alex Berrios.

Coming into the fight, picking the winner was any one's guess. Would it be the explosive Joseph Valtellini or the very technical Alex Berrios? As expected Valtellini came out looking to push the pace while Berrios looked to use his teeps from trying to keep Valtellini from moving in. Berrios looked to work by throwing single shots, while Valtellini looked to mix his attacks up with various strikes. Berrios attempted on a few occasions to land a flying knee, but Valtellini shrugged the attempts off. Berrios then tried to initiate the clinch, but Valtellini was able to avoid the clinch. Valtellini used very effective leg kicks that you could tell were adding up and after the end of round two, Berrios did not answer the bell to start round three. The win is a huge victory for Valtellini, who once again finishes his opponent in dominant fashion.

Justin Greskiewicz and Turan Hasanov met for a third time and their rubber match started off with Hasanov looking to end things early. Hasanov was swinging with big punches looking to put Greskiewicz to sleep. Throughout the fight Greskiewicz used his kicks as his key weapon, while Hasanov used his hands to close the distance when Greskiewicz would throw kicks. Hasanov pressed the action the entire fight, but Greskiewicz worked at his pace and ended up taking home a split decision. It was a close fight that could have gone either way, and as both of these fighters have consistently proven when they come to fight they put on a show.

Mohammed Lamjerdine took home a close split decision over Ognjen Topic in a back and forth fight. It seemed that Lamjerdine's advantage came when he used his hands, while Topic found more success in implementing his kicks. The win for Lamjerdine is huge as Topic is one of North America's bright young fighters.

Brodie Farber made quick work of George Allen. The fight started off with both fighters feeling each other out before Farber landed a knee to the chin of Allen that crumpled him and ended his night early. Faber KO of Allen came in the first round with a vicious knee that left Allen out cold for at least five minutes.

Joseph Valtellini def. Alex Berrios via (T)KO at the end of Rd. 2
Justin Greskiewicz def. Turan Hasanov via Split Decision
Mohammed Lamjerdine def. Ognjen Topic via Split Decision
Brodie Farber def. Geroge Allen via KO in Rd. 1

Kevin Henry def. Chris Martinez via Unanimous Decision
Vinny Hui def. Bobby Slavini via Unanimous Decision
Erwan Le Doeuff def. Walter Ortiz via Unanimous Decision
Liam Tarrant def. Chris MicMIlan via Unanimous Decision
Shawn Fagan defl Eric Bradach
Elijah Clark def. Luka Rachowsky via (T)KO in Rd. 3Academy
Paul Yohn def. Jacques Priera via Split Decision
Derek Jolivette def. Matt Speciale via Unanimous Decision
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