Friday, September 2, 2011

Alex Berrios vs. Joseph Valtellini set for Sept. 23rd Friday Night Fights event

Muay Thai Authority has confirmed with Friday Night Fights promoter Justin Blair that a bout between Alex Berrios and Joseph Valtellini will take place on their September 23rd event in New York. 

The match-up between Berrios and Valtellini is an exciting match-up as it features two of North America's top young talents. Both fighters were recently featured in Muay Thai Authority's piece "The future of North American Muay Thai" and both fighters are ranked ninth and tenth respectively in Muay Thai Authority's North American rankings.

Berrios recently returned to action at Friday Night Fights "8-to-1" event after some lengthy time off. The Florida based fighter looked excellent in dispatching of veteran Rigel Balsamico after a great display of technical Muay Thai. He holds notable wins over Anthony Nieves and Chase Green and will likely be Valtellini's toughest test to date.

Canada's Joseph Valtellini has been impressive since turning pro, he has gone 4-0 with all four fights ending in a (T)KO. Valtellini most recently defeated formerly undefeated fighter Ben Case a few months back under the Friday Night Fights banner and in addition holds notable wins over Sean Hinds and Dorian Price as well. 

This will be a very interesting style match-up as Berrios is very technical, while Valellini is very explosive. This is not to say Valtellini doesn't have great technique, but what has made him a fan favorite is that he finishes fights in dynamic fashion. Berrios like Valtellini is known for finishing fights, but it is more like a spider spinning a web. He tangles you in his web before inflicting the final blow.

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