Friday, February 18, 2011

Stand Up Promotions planning West Coast vs. East Coast event for June

The statement made by Chaz Mulkey regarding New York Muay Thai started a firestorm, and it is probably safe to say he is public enemy number one in the New York Muay Thai scene. Since the comments about West Coast vs. East Coast have gained some steam, and with the fans asking for it more than ever, it seems Stand Up Promotions in stepping up to the plate to deliver.

Muay Thai Authority has received confirmation from Stand Up Promotions which brought you last years fight of the year between Malaipet and Kevin Ross, that they plan to hold a West Coast vs. East Coast three man team event. Three fighters from the West Coast will take on three fighters from the East Coast. The weight classes are expected to be 140lb, 160lb, and 168lb.

Stand Up Promotions plans on employing Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling, and of course Chaz Mulkey to represent the West Coast. There is no word as to which three fighters will represent the East Coast, but Stand Up Promotions wants any fighters that feel they should be representing the East to get in contact with them and send their information. The exact date for June is not known yet, and none of the fighters mentioned have been confirmed.

In order to help Stand Up Promotions get more information on fighters from the East Coast, if you think your qualified to represent please send your information to, and we will forward your information to Stand Up Promotions.

Muay Thai Authority has gathered various responses from fighters regarding Mulkey's statements so keep checking back as we publish responses from West Coast fighters, New York fighters, and fighters that often fight in New York.
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