Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recap: Mananquil avenges loss, Ross drops split decision to Sittisak

Primm Valley -- Michael Mananquil and Malaipet met for a second time in the main event at Lion Fight Promotions inaugural event, "Battle in the Desert". Unlike the first fight, this time around Mananquil pressed the action from start to finish, and didn't let up. 

From the opening round Mananquil pressed the action, and didn't hold anything back. He threw nice combinations with his hands and kicks, and when they clinched he worked his knees and elbows. The only real sign of life from Malaipet came in the second round when he dropped Mananquil with a  short right hand. Mananquil received a standing eight count, but after that he continued his attack en route to a unanimous decision victory. With the win Mananquil won the WMC Welterweight Title, and Malaipet now drops his third straight fight.
In the night's co-main event, North American Muay Thai Fighter of the Year Kevin Ross took on Sittisak Por Sirichai. After a first round in which the both fighters felt each other out, the action picked up and Ross and Sittisak got to work. Both fighters showed a well rounded arsenal, and Sittisak drew first blood with an elbow that cut the bridge of Ross' nose. In the fourth round Ross had a cut next to his left eye opened by another Sittisak elbow, but the furious exchanges between the two continued. Ross continued to push forward and Sittisak was more than happy to meet him in the middle. 

They threw knees from the clinch, elbows, punches, kicks, they left it all out in the ring, and although Ross looked to be pretty banged up, he put on a good performance. In the end the judges awarded Sittisak a split decision, but the crowd loved the fight and cheered both fighters for their efforts. 

Coke Chunhawat and Scotty Leffler both came ready to fight, and although Leffler came out aggressive, Chunhawat had an answer for everything Leffler was bringing. After a closely contested first round Chunhawat picked up the pace, and busted open Leffler's nose, like shark he smelled blood and continued to press the action attacking Leffler in the clinch, then with front kicks, and elbows. Leffler hung tough despite being in trouble, and made it out of the round, but the ringside doctor would not let him continue and Chunhawat received the TKO victory.

French fighter Remy Bonnel to on Singsiri Por Sirichai, and it was an exciting fight. From the get go it seemed Bonnel was going to take advantage of his reach, but Singsiri worked his way in close and began to attack the Bonnel's body and legs with kicks. The damage was mounting but in the third round Bonnel turned things around. He stunned Singsiri with a punch, and it looked like he was going down for the count, but he hung tough and clinched. They continued and then Bonnel connected with a punch that again hurt Singsiri. Bonnel rushed in and unleashed a flurry of punches, and although Singsiri was still standing the fight was called by the referee. The fans disapproved of the stoppage, and although it did seem early, you have to credit Bonnel, he smelled blood and he attacked to get the TKO victory.

Chaz Mulkey and Douglas Edwards met in a re-match, and the bout was all Mulkey from the get go. Edwards was too slow for him, and Mulkey caught multiple kicks from Edwards. He teed off with punches and knees from the clinch. In the second round Edwards received a standing eight count after getting taking a knee after a Mulkey elbow, and then moments later Mulkey connected with a knee to the face that ended the fight. With the win Mulkey ends a two fight skid.

Amy Davis and Emily Bearden met in the night's only female match. Davis from the beginning was clearly the stronger fighter of the two. She would throw a few punches then clinch with Bearden and bully her around. There wasn't much damage but it was a workman like effort, and in the end Davis pulled out a unanimous decision.

The night's pro fights got underway with a light heavyweight bout between Shawn Yarborough and Brandon Banda. Coming out really active Banda pulled out on the score cards early, as Yarborough seemed to spend the first two round trying to figure out how to attack. When he finally did he seemed to have Banda in trouble, by the fourth round Yarborough began to press the action and at times it seemed the end was nearing for Banda, but he stayed in the fight, and never backed down from Yarborough. The fifth round was pretty close, but by the bouts end Banda had built up too big of an early lead and he took home a unanimous decision. The loss is the second consecutive for Yarborough.

In the night's main amateur bout, Anthony Castrejon needed only thirty eight seconds to dispatch Jason Andrada. Both fighters came out feeling each other out, and before you could blink Castrejon connected with a head kick that shut Andrada's lights out. It was an impressive performance by Castrejon, whom plans to go pro his next fight.

Full Results:

Michael Mananquil def. Malaipet via Unanimous Decision to win WMC Welterweight Title
Sittisak Por Sirichai def. Kevin Ross via Split Decision
Coke Chunhawat def. Scotty Leffler via TKO @ 5:00 of Rd. 2
Remy Bonnel def. Singsiri Por Sirichai @ 3:21 of Rd. 3
Chaz Mulkey def. Douglas Edwards via TKO (Knee) @ 2:41 of Rd. 2
Amy Davis def. Emily Bearden via Unanimous Decision
Brandon Banda def. Shawn Yarborough via Unanimous Decision
Anthony Castrejon def. Jason Andrada via KO (Head Kick) @ 0:38 of Rd. 1 to win USMTA National Title
Miranda Cayabyab def. Genesis Bravo via Unanimous Decision to win USMTA National Title
Jason Cauldwell def. Josh Shepard via TKO @ 1:59 of Rd. 2
Patti Teran def. Pixie O'Rielly via Split Decision
Josh Pickthall def. Jason Park via Unanimous Decision
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