Wednesday, December 15, 2010

North American Muay Thai Fighter of the Year Award Nominees has teamed up with the Muaythai Preservation Project (,, and Cameron Fraser to bring you the first annual North American Muaythai Fighter of the Year Award.

We have selected 7 fighters that meet the following criteria:

-Fighters must be based out of North America.
-Fighters must have shown significant improvement or must have made a great accomplishment in the sport.
-Fighters must have had at least 3 professional Muaythai fights for the year.
-Fighters must embody the art, technique, and character of Authentic Muaythai.
-Fighters can be male or female.

The voting ends on January 9th, 2011. You can vote by clicking here.

Our nominees are:

Kevin Ross - Ross has gone 6-1 in 2010, while mainly fighting outside of the United States. The only fight Ross had in the United States was his highly anticipated fight with Malaipet, which he won via unanimous decision. Notable International victories include Naldo Silva via KO, and Outh Phoutang via decision.

Chris Romulo - Romulo has gone 3-0 in 2010. He claimed the Pro WKA Middleweight Title, and his wins include a KO of Sacha Hijazi via head kick, a TKO of Robert Blake, and a decision victory over Sean Hinds.

Miriam Nakamoto - Nakamoto has gone 4-0 in 2010, and she still has one fight left that will be taking place on Dec. 18th against Chantal Ughi. Notable wins include Angela Parr, and a historic first round TKO against Claire Haigh that made Miriam the first American woman to hold a WBC title.

Ky Hollenbeck - Hollenbeck has gone 5-0-1 in 2010, including KO's in his last three bouts. He still has the potential to add two more wins to his record before years end as he will be competing in a 4-man tournament in China on Dec. 18th, which will feature fighters such as Luis Bio, and Steve Moxon. Hollenbeck's wins include KO's over Kenny Finister, and Shawn Lee.

Joseph Valtellini - Valtellini has put together a record of 3-0 since turning pro in May. His wins include TKO's over Dorian Price, and most recently Sean Hinds.

Gabriel Varga - Varga has gone 2-1 in 2010, with his only loss being a very controversial decision to Terrence Hill.

Joe Schilling - Schilling has gone 3-0 in 2010. His wins include TKO's of Ryan Roy, and Chaz Mulky, as well as a victory in Rajadamnern
Stadium in Thailand.

To vote for the fighter you want to win, click here.
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