Monday, December 6, 2010

Event Recap: Ross defeats Malaipet, Schilling finishes Mulkey

There was a lot of hype coming into Sunday nights Stand up Promotions Muay Thai event, "The Kings Birthday Celebration". Malaipet vs. Kevin Ross was the biggest fight of the year in the United States when it came to Muay Thai. Malaipet was looking to make an impact by dropping down in weight and trying to kick start his career in a new weight class, while Kevin Ross was moving up in weight to add another notch to his belt. When it was all said and done Kevin Ross walked away with a unanimous decision. The judges awarded Ross the fight with scores of 49-45, 50-45, and 50-45. Ross was aggressive from the start of the fight meeting Malaipet in the middle and
pressing the action. Ross pushed forward disrupting Malaipet's rhythm and not allowing him to get comfortable, while attacking with a mixed arsenal of strikes. As the fight wore on it seemed Malaipet began to gas, while Ross seemed to get stronger. It was an impressive performance by Ross, and when the final bell sounded there was no doubt who had won the fight.

In the night's co-main event Joe Schilling took on Chaz Mulkey in a fight to name a number one contender for the WBC Super Middleweight National Title. Both fighters entered the ring ready to go, but were forced to wait due to no ringside doctor being present as he was attending to a previous fighter. As the time ticked you could tell both fighters were getting impatient until they were finally sent back to the locker rooms to wait until the doctor arrived. Schilling removed his mouth piece and yelled "I don't need a f*cking ambulance", which riled up the pro Schilling crowd. After about a ten minute delay both fighters came back out and were ready to go. From the start of the fight it was clear that Schilling was the bigger and stronger fighter, but Mulkey was a game opponent as both fighters moved forward. Schilling got the upper hand early knocking Mulkey down with a right elbow. The second round was much like the first, Schilling using his size to bully Mulkey around, and then trying to connect with his vicious elbows. In the second round Schilling connected with a body kick that sent Mulkey down. When the third round started it was obvious Schilling was pulling away, and an aggressive Mulkey came after Schilling, but Schilling answered with a right hand that once again sent Mulkey to the canvas. The round continued until Schilling scored one final knockdown with another elbow that sent Mulkey down and forced the referee to call an end to the bout at 1:06 of the third round.

In other action Mario Martinez captured the MTAA Junior Lightweight Title after defeating David Huerta by TKO in the fourth round. However, the fight ended when Huerta fainted, and had to be attended to by paramedics. Up until that point the fight seemed very close with Huerta likely taking the first two rounds, and Martinez taking round three, and the beginning of round 4. Huerta is doing well, and the latest news is that Huerta is diabetic and was said to have fainted due to high sugar levels.

In the nights other MTAA Title fight Victor Acosta captured the MTAA Featherweight National Title with a brutal knockout of Oscar Sanchez. The fight was even until Acosta connected with an over hand right that sent Sanchez crashing to the canvas. Sanchez lay on the canvas for a few minutes, but was eventually able to leave under his own power.

Full Results:

Kevin Ross def. Malaipet via Unanimous Decision
Joe Schilling def. Chaz Mulkey via TKO in Rd. 3
Mario Martinez def. David Huerta via TKO in Rd. 4
Victor Acosta def. Oscar Sanchez via KO in Rd. 1
Adam Gonzalez def. Mike Grover by TKO in Rd. 1
Glenn Spencer def. Jason Nelson via TKO in Rd. 1
Jesse Magusen def. Ray Hov via TKO in Rd. 3
Marie Kim def. Cindy Cordero via Split Decision
Matt Ortiz def. Elliot Wright via Unanimous Decision
Jonathan Puu def. Victor Jung via Unanimous Decision
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  1. I don't think David Huerta was knocked down. Apparently, he realized he had diabetes after he collapsed. He collapsed in the middle of the fight without taking a blow. David Huerta was dominating the fight and should retain his belt in my opinion.

  2. Agree with Jesse. There was no contact when Huerta collapsed. They should look at the score cards up to 4th round and decide winner.

  3. Agree with you guys, I thought it would be ruled a No Contest.