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WCK Muay Thai Event Recap: Sitzes, Richards, and Bonnel all victorious

PRIMM - In an action packed night of fights the women were the main event and they did not disappoint. Jeri Sitzes and Joanna MacEachern both came out looking to win the Women's WBC International Bantamweight Title. 

The action started early with both fighters showing they would not shy away from exchanging with their opponent. The second round started much like the first but it was clear Sitzes was on a mission, she connected with a one two that left MacEachern wobbly for a few seconds before hitting the canvas. MacEachern was able to continue but you could tell she was till not fully recovered, as the fighters clinched Sitzes threw here down to the canvas, and after the action resumed she smelled the blood and went in for the kill. It was obvious that MacEachern was in trouble and the referee promptly stepped in to stop the fight at 2:06 of the 2nd round. Sitzes looked spectacular in winning the Women's WBC International Bantamweight Title and moving her record to a perfect 14-0.

In the night's co-main event Stephen Richards put on a spectacular and gutsy performance to defeat Shawn Yarborough to become the new IKKC International Light Heavyweight Champion. 

From the start of the fight Richards controlled the tempo of the fight, and knocked Yarborough down in the first round. From that point on the fight seemed to be dictated by Richards, his hand looked a lot sharper and it seemed that Yarborough had no answer. Heading into the 5th round, Yarborough needed to finish Richards to win the fight, Yarborough came out aggressive, but Richards was able to keep him at bay. It seemed Richards was taunting Yarborough to start the round as he came out with both hands down, then after a few minutes it became apparent that his left arm was broken, but Richards kept fighting, and was still able to outwork Yarborough in the final frame. The judges awarded the bout to Richards with scores of 49-45, 48-46, and 48-46. After the bout Richards was attended to by doctors who put his arm in a temporary brace before he was able to leave the ring.

Chaz Mulkey and French fighter Remy Bonnel met in what was dubbed an international prestige bout. The fight was pretty even early but in the second round and uppercut from Bonnel floored Mulkey. Bonnel began to get more aggressive after the knockdown ending the round strongly with a head kick and some nice knees to the body. However, Mulkey did not back down and kept meeting Bonnel in for every exchange, and looked to be the stronger fighter in the clinch as he scored several trips. As the fight went into the final rounds it seemed Mulkey's pace began to slow while, Bonnel started to pressure more. Heading into the final frame both fighters new that they could not risk letting the fight go to the judges and they both came out aggressive. It was Bonnel who was able to push the pace and control the fight in the final round and when the decision was announced he was awarded a unanimous decision with scores   of 50-44, 50-45, and 48-46. The fight was actually a lot closer than the judges scores would indicate.

In the night's first title fight Stephen Banks won the WBC U.S. Super Heavyweight Title with some great clinch work against Rick Cheek. Banks connected with a knee in the first round that dropped Cheek, and in the second round it was more of the same as Banks clinched up with Cheek and dropped with a barrage of knees. After Cheek stood back up the exact same scenario played out two more times before Cheek went down for good. The end of the fight came at 2: 58 of the second round, Banks looked very impressive with his clinch and it seemed Cheeks has no answer for it.

William "The Bull" Sriyapai and Raul Rodriguez met in a title eliminator bout, with the winner looking to earn a chance to face WBC Super Welterweight Champion Baxter Humby. 

The fight from the outset was all Rodriguez as he was the quicker of the two fighters. Sriyapai tried his best to beat Rodriguez speed with a couple of spinning back elbows in hopes of catching his opponent off guard but it was to no avail. In the end Rodriguez speed was the difference maker as he was able to move in with his attacks while avoiding pretty much anything that Sriyapai threw his way. The decision was unanimous in Rodriguez favor who is now set to face Baxter Humby.

Jack Thames and Mike Ryan met for what was a short but exciting bout. Thames started the bout with some unorthodox movements but it paid off as he backed Ryan into a corner and then connected with a vicious elbow that sent Ryan down for the count. The elbow opened a nasty cut over Ryan's left eye. The official end came at 1:31 of the first round.

In the nights first pro fight Artem Sharoshkin defeated Titus Holmes by Majority decision. Both fighters were making their pro debuts, and the fight was close but Holmes began to tire as the fight went on. In the end two judges score the bout in the favor of Sharoshkin 40-36, while the third judge score the bout a draw at 38-38.

Joe Davidson and Travis Garlitz were scheduled to fight, but the fight was canceled last second due to Joe Davidson getting sick.

Professional Bouts
Artem Sharoshkin def. Titus Holmes via split decision
Jack Thames def. Mike Ryan via KO at 1:31 in Round 1
Sriyapai via Unanimous decision
Stephen Banks def. Rick Cheek via KO at 2:52 in Round 2 to win WBC U.S. Super Heavyweight Title
Jeri Sitzes def. Joanna MacEachern via TKO at 2:06 in Round 2 to win WBC International Bantamweight Title
Stephen Richards def. Shawn Yarborough via unanimous decision to win IKKC International Light Heavyweight Title
Remy Bonnel def. Chaz Mulkey via unanimous decision

Amateur Bouts
David Early def. Julian Lugo via Unanimous Decision
Alfred Khashakyan def. Ruben Dominguez via KO in Round 1
Andrew Miller def. Isaac Gomez via Split decision
Amber Pope def. Deanna Jenny via Unanimous decision
Chris Minor def. Roy Corona via split decision
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