Lion Fight 18 Results and Recap

Yodsanklai returned to the United States to defend his title at Lion Fight 18. Read about all of the night's action here.

Lion Fight 19 set for Nov. 21

Two Lion Fight world titles will be on the line at Lion Fight 19. Champions Fabio Pinca and Caley Reece will be looking to defend their titles for the first time.

Top King World Series set to feature 16-man tournament

Top King World Series will feature a 16-man tournament with some of the best fighters in the world including Buakaw.

Lion Fight 17 Results and Recap

Lion Fight 17 took place in Connecticut and it feature six pro fights. The main event was a re-match between Malaipet Sasiprapa and Justin Greskiewicz, reall all the results here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simon Marcus and Matt Embree set to fight at Kunlun Fight 12 in China on October 26th

Simon Marcus will make his return to the ring on October 26th in China at Kunlun Fight 12. Marcus will be fighting for the first time since tasting his first career defeat in the Glory Last Man Standing Tournament. Welcoming Marcus back to the ring will be a familiar opponent, Dmitry Valent will fight Marcus once again. The pair fought in May of 2013 at C3: King of Fighters in China, the bout was tightly contested and Marcus walked away with a split decision victory. 

Matt Embree will also be competing in a four man tournament at Kunlun Fight 12. Embree recently defeated Justin Greskiewicz by decision at USKA Fight Night in Pennsylvania. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

KO of the Week: Ognjen Topic vs. Paowarit Sasiprapa

Fans love head kicks, it gets them excited and is a spectacular way to finish a fight. Ognjen Topic went head kick happy in his fight against Paowarit Sasiprapa at Lion Fight 9 in March of 2013. Topic scored a knockdown with a head kick in every round, with the final one at the beginning of the third round. Adding to the excitement of the knockdowns was Paowarit's ability to continue to get up. His toughness could never be questioned as he continued to get up after each knockdown and even after the final knockdown he was attempting to get up, but the referee had seen enough. Get your Monday started off right by watching this great knockout.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Video: Badr Hari vs. Arnold Oborotov

GFC 4 had plenty of controversy before the event took place. Badr Hari and Patrice Quarteron were supposed to meet in the main event, but Quarteron was replaced amid all of the controversy that included claims that Hari and his camp did not want to fight Quarteron. Come fight night Hari's opponent was Arnold Oborotov. Hari as expected defeated Oborotv who offered little in form of offense. From the start of the fight Hari stalked Oborotov and picked his shots. Near the end of the first round a straight right to the body from Hari ended Oborotov's night. Check out the video of the below.

KOK GP 2014 Results: Lascenko wins HW Tourney, Kyshenko scores KO

King of Kings GP 2014 took place last night in Gdansk, Poland last night. Sergei Lascenko walked away the winner of the 2014 Heavyweight GP. Lascenko scored an extra round decision in the tournament semi-finals over Michael Turin to advance to the tournament final. In the final he faced Tomasz Szczepkowki whom he scored a first round KO over to capture the tournament gold.

In other action the night Artur Kyshenko scored a third round (T)KO over Radoslaw Paczuski. A left hook to the head followed a straight right to the body sent Paczuski down at the end of the second round. When the third round started Kyshenko continued to pour it on. A punch to the body forced Paczuski to keel over and take an eight count. When the action resumed Kushenko continued to attack the body and it was easy to see that Paczuski was finished, the referee stepped in and waived the fight off.

Michael Wlazło def. Robert Maruszak via Decision
Sergei Maslobojev def. Lukasz Butkiewicz via KO in Rd. 2
Artur Kyshenko def. Radosław Paczuski via (T)KO in Rd. 3
Crispino Kalski def. Andre Agbobly via KO in Rd. 2
Sergei Morari def. Przemyslaw Ziemnicki via KO in Rd. 2
Mariusz Cieśliński def. John Arhelger via Decision
Kamila Balanda def. Daria Albers via Decision
Karolis Buslys def. Tomasz Makowski via Decision
Ilias Bulaid def. Peter Kobylański via Decision 

KOK Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Finals
Tomasz Szczepkowski def. Colin George via Decision
Sergei Lascenko def. Michael Turín via Extra Round Decision

KOK Heavyweight Tournament Final
Sergei Lascenko def. Tomasz Szczepkowski via KO in Rd. 1

Sean Kearney wins 8-man tournament in Lao

Sean Kearney is set to fight Fabio Pinca on November 21st at Lion Fight 19 in Las Vegas for the Lion Fight World Welterweight Championship. Most fighters would decide to take a break to make sure they are fully healed before a big fight like that, but Kearney has taken a different route. Since the announcement of the fight Kearney has won four fights. Three of those fights came last night in Lao. 

Kearney scored three (T)KO's to win the Vong Noy Fight 154lb tournament. Kearney defeated a Lao's opponent by (T)KO in round 1 in his first fight of the night. In the tournament semi-finals he defeated an opponent from Iran by (T)KO in round 3 and in the tournament final he defeated an opponent from Uzbekistan in round 2. It will be interesting to see him step in the ring against Pinca come November 21st.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Global Fighting Championships Results: Badr Hari wins by KO

Global Fighting Championships took place yesterday in Dubai. Leading up to the event there had been controversy over the main event bout between Badr Hari and Patrice Quarteron. There were claims by Quarteron by Hari's people that they did not want him to fight, well by the time fight time came they didn't. Hari faced Arnold Oborotov instead and defeated him by first round KO. 

In other action on the night Zabit Samedov defeated Jafar Ahmadi by unanimous decision and Ismael Lazaar won the one night heavyweight tournament with victories over Sem Tevette and Tai Tuivasa.

Badr Hari def. Arnold Oborotov via KO in Rd. 1
Zabit Samedov def. Jafar Ahmadi via Unanimous Decision
Jamnian Srikam def. Erkan Varol via Unanimous Decision

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Finals
Ismael Lazaar def. Tai Tuivasa via (T)KO in Rd. 2
Sam Tevette def. Mohamed Karim via Unanimous Decision

Heavyweight Tournament Final
Ismael Lazaar def. Sam Tevette via (T)KO in Rd. 2

Thursday, October 16, 2014

JB Fitness Systems

There has been a tonne of talk about weight cutting in combat sports over the last few years. Mainly the focus has been on the dangers and the risks involved.

Sure, weight cutting it's an interesting subject. But no one in their right mind actually gets excited about rapid weight cutting (especially how most people do it). But whether you agree with it or not, for now it looks like it's here to stay.

Yes it’s true, weight cutting of any kind is not safe, however it has become a necessary evil in combat sports these days. Until they come up with a way to regulate fighter’s weight classes or introduce same day weight cutting, here is something that we all have to agree on.

To produce healthier, better performing fighters and to make weight cutting safer, smarter, and less risky – athletes and coaches need to educated and better informed.
That’s where this man comes in: James Bee - from JB Fitness Systems.

Based in Thailand, JB is a fitness and nutrition coach who works with pro Muaythai fighters from all over the planet. Specializing in weight cut management and performance optimization, he has been coaching world class fighters solving some tricky weight cutting issues and helping them get on weight for someof Asia’s biggestevents like Thai Fight, I1 championship, and Max Muay Thai.

His articles have been featured on major combat websites such as Muay Thai Guy and Funk Roberts MMA and now we are happy to announce JB will be contributing a monthly article to Muay Thai Authority.

With fight experience, and a proven track record for producing efficient safer weight cuts, JB has promised to bring you all new information on the simple ways to become leaner, stronger, faster version of yourself. If you want exclusive recipes, cutting tips, weight cutting advice, nutrition, and fight fitness stay tuned to Muay Thai Authority and keep a look out for all new content from coach JB.

If you would like to learn tips, tricks, and awesome information for fighters and like-minded athletes, check out his website JB Fitness Systems and follow hisFacebook page. You can also download his brand new 8 week cutting guide Here.