Monday, August 3, 2015

Yangame's Fight Night 3 Results: Piotr Romankevich wins tournament

Yangame's Fight Night 3 took place in Prague, Czech Republic on July 30th. The event featured an eight man one night tournament. When the night was over Piotr Romankevich stood victorious as the tournament champion, having won two of his three fights on the night by stoppage. 

In the quarterfinals Romnakevich defeated Martin Hauser by decision. In his semi-final bout Romankevich scored a third round knockout over Michal Janáček and in the tournament final he sealed the deal by scoring a third round (T)KO over Jiří Havránek.

In other action on the night Tolja Hunanyan won the K-1 WAKO Pro Super Middleweight World Title by defeating Matouš Kohout by decision. Tomáš Hron also fought at the event and defeated Igor Bugaenko by decision.

Tolja Hunanyan def. Matouš Kohout via Decision 
Tomáš Hron def. Igor Bugaenko via Decision
Jan Soukup def. Luboš Rauser via Decision
František Kohout def. Thomas Hummer via (T)KO in Rd. 3

Tournament Quarterfinals
Jiří Havránek def. Lukáš Skirca via (T)KO in Rd. 1
Piotr Romankevich def. Martin Hauser via Decision
Radovan Kulla def. Adrian Bartl via Decision
Michal Janáček def. Peter Baláž via KO in Rd. 2

Tournament Semi-Finals
Piotr Romankevich def. Michal Janáček via KO in Rd. 3
Jiří Havránek def. Radovan Kulla via Extra Round Decision

Tournament Final
Piotr Romankevich def. Jiří Havránek via (T)KO in Rd. 3

Warriors Peru 15 set for September 23 in Peru with Super 4 Tournament

Warriors Peru 15 will take place on September 23 in Lima, Peru at the Coliseo el Rosedal de Surco. The event will feature their Super 4 tournament at 126 lbs (57 kg). The fighters competing in the tournament are Fernando Candela, Teodoro Ccanto, Mauricio Henostroza, and Raul valdivieso.

All four fighters are based out of Peru and the fights will take place in a cage. Warriors Peru is the largest Muay Thai promotion in Peru.

Armen Petrosyan defends ISKA Super Welterweight World Title at Blade FC 2

Blade FC 2 took place this past weekend in Japan and Armen Petrosyan was in action agaisnt Yasuhiro Kido. Petrosyan successfuly defended his ISKA Super Welterweight World Title with a unanimous decision win over Kido. With the win Petrosyan defeated Kido for a second time, the pair had fought earlier this year with Petrosyan winning that bout as well. Petrosyan has now won four consecutive fights and will be in action next on September 19 at Swiss Fight Night against Julian Imeri.

Samo Petje was also in action at Blade FC 2 against Yu Hirono. Petje was able to secure a unanimous decision win over Hirono. 

Armen Petrosyan def. Yasuhiro Kido via Unanimous Decision
Samo Petje def. Yu Hirono via Unanimous Decision

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kunlun Fight 29: Battle in Sochi 2015 4-Man Tournament set with Kehl, Askerov, Simmons, and Liu

Kunlun Fight 29 is set for August 15 in Sochi, Russia, the event will feature Kickboxing and MMA fights. The main attraction for the night will be a 4-man middleweight tournament featuring Enriko Kehl, Dzhabar Askerov, Landon Simmons, and Mingzhi Liu.

The first semi-final bout will feature American Landon Simmons vs. China's Mingzhi Liu. Simmons is a current WBC Muay Thai National Champion. Simmons has an unblemished record of 9-0 and winning this tournament will establish him as an international presence. Liu is a Kunlun Fight regular and has had success in the promotion. He will be a stiff test for Simmons.

Kehl is seasoned veteran who has faced a who's who of top level fighters. He is probably best recognized for defeating Buakaw Banchamek in the finals of 2014 K-1 Max tournament. He has to be the favorite going into the tournament. Askerov is a veteran and like Kehl has fought the top fighters in the sport including Buakaw, Robin van Roosmalen, and Giorgio Petrosyan.

Fight Card:

4-Man Middleweight Tournament Semi-Finals
Landon Simmons vs. Mingzhi Liu
Enriko Kehl vs. Dzhabar Askerov

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lion Fight 23 Results: Harrison edges Malaipet, Van Soest retains title

Lion Fight 23 took place last night at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA. The night's main event featured Liam Harrison vs. Malaipet Sasiprapa, and the co-main event featured a Lion Fight women's featherweight title fight between current champion Tiffany Van Soest and Martyna Krol.

In the main event Malaipet started strong as expected by most, but as soon as Liam Harrison turned it on he took control. He didn't get going until about the third round which at times can be dangerous if it goes to the judges, but Harrison did enough once he started to press the action to convince two of the three judges. Harrison was declared the winner by split decision

Tiffany Van Soest retained Lion Fight women's featherweight world title by defeating Martyna Krol. Van Soest was in full control of this fight, after a slow first round there was nothing Krol could do to derail Van Soest. The official results was a unanimous decision victory for Van Soest, who after the fight called out Valentina Shevchenko.

Kevin Ross was looking to rebound from his (T)KO loss to Tetsuya Yamato at Lion Fight 21, but after a solid first round things unraveled quickly for Ross against Rungrat Sasiprapa. Ross was finding home for his punches in the fight and was popping his jab nicely, then he took a risk by thrown a spinning elbow. Ross has thrown the same spinning elbow countless times before in his career, the difference was Rungrat ate the elbow and held Ross down to deliver a knee that sent him to the canvas. Ross was able to answer the referee's count but after getting up another knee from Rungrat ended the fight.

Mike Lemaire and Andrew Kapel were involved in the fight of the night as both men left it all out in the ring. The pair had fought before, a bout where Lemaire won a very close extra round decision. Leading into the fifth round both men were beat up, both men were tired, and once again this fight was very close. Lemaire once again ended on top as fatigue seemed to take over for Kapel and it was hard form him to stay standing. With about 30 seconds left int he fight it was called and Lemaire was declared the winner.

Romie Adanza scored a huge (T)KO win over the UK's number one ranked bantamweight Daniel McGowan. Adanza proved that a fight is never over, McGowan was likely up on the judges score cards going into the third round as he had been just step ahead of Adanza this far in the fight. A left hook dropped McGowan and he was given a standing 8-count. A pretty bad looking cut opened on his lip and the doctor went to inspect the cut and the fight was stopped. McGowan was visibly upset at the stoppage, but it was a pretty bad cut. The doctor might have been able to let it go further, but McGowan's lip was split wide open and probably the right call. This is a huge win for Adanza after going 1-3-1 in his previous five fights.

In other action Victor Saravia remained undefeated as a pro with a third round (T)KO over Stan Mancebo and Marvin Madariaga opened the night's pro card with a first round (T)KO over Tony Fausto.

Liam Harrison def. Malaipet Sasiprapa Split Decision
Tiffany Van Soest def. Martyna Krol via Unanimous Decision to retain Lion Fight women’s featherweight title
Rungrat Sasiprapa def. Kevin Ross (T)KO (knee) in Rd. 2
Victor Saravia def. Stan Mancebo via (T)KO (elbow) in Rd. 3
Mike Lemaire def. Andrew Kapel by (T)KO in Rd. 5
Romie Adanza def. Daniel McGowan by (T)KO (doctor’s stoppage) in Rd.3
Marvin Madariaga def. Tony Fausto by (T) KO in Rd. 1

Saiyok and Antoine Pinto in action at Thai Fight: Narathiwat

Saiyok Pumpanmuang and Antoine Pinto will be in action on August 22 at Thai Fight: Narathiwat, both fighters are regulars at the Thai Fight events. Saiyok will fight Patrick Murphy and Pinto will fight Charlie Guest

Saiyok is currently on a seven fight win streak, most recently defeating Carl N'Diaye at Thai Fight: Shaolin by (T)KO. One of the most popular Thai fighters, Saiyok is known for his aggressive style and trying to finish his opponents in the ring.

Pinto is currently on a two fight win streak and has won 15 of his last 16 fights. The only loss in that streak came to Saiyok. One of the better recognized foreigners that actively fights in Thailand, Pinto fights out of his family's Siangboxing Gym.

These two fights join the already announced bout between Saenchai and Charles François.

Fight Card:

Saenchai PKSeanchaimuaythaigym vs. Charles François
Saiyok Pumpanmuang vs. Patrick Murphy
Antoine Pinto vs. Charlie Guest

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lion Fight 23 Predictions

Lion Fight 23 takes place tonight in Temecula, CA at Pechanga Resort and Casino. The UK's Liam Harrison will take on Malaipet Sasiprapa in the main event of the evening. In the co-main event Tiffany Van Soest will look to defend her Lion Fight title when she takes on Martyna Krol. Check out our predictions on tonight's fights below and let us know who you think will win.

Liam Harrison vs. Malaipet Sasiprapa
Harrison is arguably the best UK Muay Thai fighter, and one of the best around the world. Malaipet has a great reputation, but when facing top opposition he has struggled. There are always talks about the old Malaipet coming back, but he never quite seems to make a full come back. 

Malaipet will likely start strong like he does in nearly every one of his fights, but as this fight goes on he will begin to slow down. Harrison will keep his work rate and pressure consistent throughout the fight and this will spell trouble for Malaipet. Harrison packs power in his strikes and is very accurate with his strikes. This fight should resemble Malaipet’s fight with Pinca, although Harrison will probably inflict more damage than Pinca did on Malaipet. The first round we will see Malaipet taking the fight to Harrison, but after the first round Harrison will be in full control.

Malaipet is tough so it is difficult to imagine Harrison stopping him, although the potential is there with the heat Harrison throws. More than likely Malaipet absorbs the punishment and this ends up in a decision win for Harrison.

Prediction: Liam Harrison def. Malaipet Sasiprapa by Decision

Tiffany Van Soest vs. Martyna Krol
Tiffany Van Soest has been able to set herself apart from most of her female counter parts because of her athleticism and this shouldn’t be any different in her fight with Martyna Krol. Van Soest knows how to move in the ring, using angles and exploding on her opponents when openings present themselves. Caley Reece defeated Van Soest in the clinch, but since that fight she has improved in that aspect of her game and Krol’s clinch is not the level of Reece’s. 

Krol is a tough and has a decent amount of experience, but it is hard to imagine here out pointing Van Soest let alone stopping her. Krol is a very linear fighter and mainly moves in a straight line which will play right into the hands of Van Soest. This fight should be all Van Soest from the opening bell. Expect a stoppage win for Van Soest and a lot of damage inflicted from her before this one is over.

Prediction: Tiffany Van Soest def. Martyne Krol by (T)KO

Kevin Ross vs. Rungrat Sasiprapa 
Ross will be looking to rebound from his loss to Tetsuya Yamato, and he did not pick an easy fight. Rungrat is a quality Thai opponent and this should be a close fight. Ross is tough as nails and likes to press the pace, the faster the pace the more comfortable Ross seems to get. Rungrat has the potential to fight that type of fight, if that will happen is another story. 

Ross is going to want to use his boxing and use his movement, which are some of his strongest assets. If he can stay out of the clinch his high volume style should yield positive results. Rungrat should want to grind in the clinch and slow Ross down. This is a hard one to pick, but we say Ross is able to stay out of the clinch and implement his game plan to take home a decision.

Prediction: Kevin Ross def. Rungrat Sasiprapa by Decision

Victor Saravia vs. Stan Mancebo 
Saravia is on a roll since turning pro. He has knockout power and uses it aggressively. If you are going off of recent history Mancebo is going to have his hands full with Saravia. The biggest advantage Saravia has is that he is a smart fighter; he waits for the opening and then goes for it once it becomes available. 

His power should be the difference maker and Mancebo is going to have to respect it. Expect Saravia to take control early and deliver a stoppage win.

Prediction: Victor Saravia def. Stan Mancebo by (T)KO

Mike Lemaire vs. Andrew Kapel
Lemaire and Kapel have fought before and it was a close fight the first time. So close that it had to be settled with an extra round where Lemaire took the decision win. This fight should be another close fight, but Kapel might have the advantage because it will be Muay Thai rules rather than Kickboxing like their first encounter. Kapel seems to have traditional Muay Thai style and being able to clinch and elbow should favor him a bit. 

Lemaire packs power and it will be important for Kapel to close the distance and use the clinch so that Lemaire can’t deliver those heavy shots. This is going to be another close fight, but with the clinch in play Kapel should be able to edge out a close decision.

Prediction: Andrew Kapel def. Mike Lemaire by Decision

Daniel McGowan vs. Romie Adanza 
Adanza has not been very active lately, while McGowan has not only been active but is considered the best bantamweight fighter in the UK. Adanza has great boxing, but his inactivity could prove to be an issue. 

McGowan should be able to control Adanza throughout the fight especially in the clinch, but you can never count a crafty veteran like Adanza out. The pick here is McGowan as he is the younger and more active fighter of the two. A stoppage victory might occur if McGowan can deliver some serious damage from the clinch, but I think the safe pick is a decision.

Prediction: Daniel McGowan def. Romie Adanza by Decision

Tony Fausto vs. Marvin Madariaga
Fausto did not have a good showing his last fight under Lion Fight as he out struck by Nick Chasteen. You can’t question his toughness as he was willing to fight until his corner threw in the towel. This fight against Madariaga will be power vs. technique.

Fausto has a very technical style and should want a slower paced fight. Madariaga should hold the advantage in power and that will be his strongest tool. He should take the fight to Fausto and wear him down, and this should help him get a stoppage in the later rounds as long as his cardio holds up.

Prediction: Marvin Madariaga def. Tony Fausto by (T)KO