Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Matics Method: Resolve In Fighting

by Matt Embree

For an introduction I'd like to get into the mental aspect of fighting and in particular the resolve you carry as a fighter. You've probably heard it many times before, that fighting is for the most part mental. Drawing on my own experience of fighting plus lots of research into the mind state of warriors, soldiers and fighters alike one thing that sets apart the winners from the losers is their resolve and morale. 

Napoleon said that " The morale is to the physical as three to one." Resolve and Morale go hand in hand. Once you've made up your mind and decided on victory you've set your resolve in motion. Morale is what will keep your resolve firm. So from the get go, before the fight even happens you should have made victory clear in your head. It starts in the training, in your approach to each training session. You have to visualize the victory before it has happened. I try to make it a point in my head to accept nothing less than victory. I either win or I die. Carrying that into each training session, whenever the thoughts of easing up or slacking arise you have to push thru and beat those doubts out of your mind. The thing is it is something that has to constantly be refined because negative thoughts will continue to pop up. 

It’s easy to keep your composure and be positive in nice, calm situations, but it’s the mark of a true warrior to maintain that composure under fire in the chaos of a fight. Cultivate a winner’s mindset for when negative thoughts appear. Remember that internal dialogue affects external performance. Resolve to be great, tell yourself you’re the best, take a stand that you will do whatever it takes to win. In my opinion, it's that confidence in yourself and resolve to win that is characteristics of all great fighters. When it's time to fight, there's no more time to be humble, it's time to be audacious, time to be confident, to prove why you’re the better fighter. Fighting, if you want to be good, is about winning, plain and simple. Set the standard high for yourself, give yourself permission to be great and don't let anything stop you. 

It all starts with training. "In combat we don't rise to the occasion, we sink to the level of our training". It is hard to beat an opponent who never stops trying to find a way to win and refuses gives up. So when you maintain that in training, you refine that state of mind and transfer it over to your fight game. Resolve to win every day, every battle. When you forge your resolve in the trivial things, that same mastery will transfer over in the great and important things. If you treat every fight as your last, and put yourself on death ground everyone will have significance, and victory will become a must. If that is your mentality going into every fight your will to win will be unbreakable and your victory will be almost guaranteed. 

F.N.O. - Failure's No Option.

Matt Embree is a Muay Thai fighter based out of Toronto, Canada. He is a WBC Muay Thai and WMC Muay Thai North American Champion. He has has competed all over the the world and has fought on some of the biggest shows including Lion Fight and Top King. He has trained in Thailand on several occasions and competed at the highest level.

Twitter: @Muay_Matics
Instagram: @Muay_Matics

Enfusion 32 Fight Card

Enfusion 32 takes place this Saturday, October 10th in Gent, Belgium. The event as always will stream live on www.EnfusionLive.com, streaming will be blocked in Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Belgium due to broadcasting.

The night's main event will feature Moroccan fighter Nordin Ben Moh vs. Spain's Sergio Sanchez. In the co-main event Anke Van Gestel will put her Enfusion 61kg Championship on the line against challenger Aleide Lawant.

Fight Card:
Nordin Ben Moh vs. Sergio Sanchez
Anke Van Gestel vs. Aleide Lawant
Dexter Suisse vs. Brice Guidon
Mohammed Jaraya vs. Youssef Boulahtari
Ilias Bulaid vs. David Mejia
Hafid El Boustati vs. Harut Grigorian

Monday, October 5, 2015

Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing: "The Legendary Fight That Changed History"

This bout between Changpuek Kiatsongrit and Rick Roufus forever changed the landscape of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA in North America. You'll find no other fight that is as dramatic, with both fighters displaying tremendous heart. This bout showed North America the power of the low kick.

With this we are excited to bring you one of Lawrence Kenshin's Striking Breakdowns. If you like to study fights then you have probably come across one of Lawrence's striking breakdowns, he will be sharing a breakdown with us here at Muay Thai Authority on weekly basis.

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Bob and Weave with Kru Walter Michalowski

Kru Walter Michalowski is the head instructor and owner of Sityodtong LA. After a successful fighting career he has turned his focus to training he next generation of Muay Thai athlete. He is one of the few given the Sityodtong name by Ajarn Yodtong himself. His goal is to promoter the growth of "real" Muay Thai in America and around the world.

He has recently come out with a training series called Path of the Brave which we will be sharing video from here on our site. It is a great tool for anyone looking to gain a little extra knowledge from an experienced fighter and coach. In this video he talks about bobbing and weaving in Muay Thai.

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Amateur Fighter Spotlight: Robby Squyers Jr.

The Muay Thai and Kickboxing world is filled with amateur fighters. Most of the amateurs won't turn into a professional fighter for one reason or another, while some will go on to make excellent pro athletes. Wherever their path leads them, whether it is to the pro ranks or not one fact remains. They play a significant role in shaping the future of Muay Thai and Kickboxing. In our Amateur Spotlight segment will will be interviewing a current amateur fighter and she what drives them to step in the ring, and what their plans are in the sport. For our first segment we interviewed Robby Squyers Jr.

Robby is a 24 year old from San Francisco, CA. He started his training at World Team USA under Kru Sam Phimsoutham and has competed in several smokers and has an official amateur record of 3-1-1. He currently resided in Las Vegas where he trains with Chaz Mulkey, Dewey Cooper, and Jonathan Balgame.

MTA: When and why did you start training Muay Thai? 

Robby Squyers Jr: I started Muay Thai back in 2010, after being sent to the hospital after being jumped by 9 individuals, I became depressed, lost hope in everything, dropped out of college and quit my job back a year prior in August of 2009. It was during this year I met a SFPD Gang Task force member who eventually lead me to my home gym World Team USA under the watchful eye of Master Reyes and Kru Sam. I became a bit discourage because I couldn't afford it and then Kru Sam offered to teach me, and take me under his wing if I were to clean the gym, and be there everyday to stay outta trouble. So this started my journey. 

MTA: What is your record amateur record? 

Robby Squyers Jr: 3-1-1. IKF Superheavyweight Champion, 2012 Golden Gate Games Champion. 

MTA: What has been your best experience this far in Muay Thai? 

Robby Squyers Jr: It turned my entire life around, Muay Thai became an answered prayer whilst being in the hospital. I was literally a troubled teen, in the clubs 4 nights out of the week. Partying, drinking, just wasting life, I wanted to change my life. I'm still alive today because of what its taught me. Muay Thai has taught me confidence in life, being strong and never giving up. Even though I still would consider my self not much, what I have accomplished in these past 5 years. I went from fighting in bars to main eventing my last fight in Las Vegas. If i were to tell you where I'd see myself in 5 years, 5 years ago I would of said dead.

MTA: What was it about Muay Thai that peaked your interest? 

Robby Squyers Jr: It was always the mix of savagery and beauty of respect involved. The family that I came to know and the legacy I came to understand. 

MTA: When you started did you plan on competing or look at it just as an activity to stay out of trouble? 

Robby Squyers Jr: Lol, I never thought I was going to fight. To be dead honest I was knocked out cold from my first day of sparring. From that day I told myself I cant quit now. If that's the worst thing to happen I want to fight and so 3 months later I did my 1st smoker and fought the state champion. got a broken nose and busted up rib... I fell in love. 

MTA: World Team USA has had some great fighters, Michael Mananquil, Ky Hollenbeck, Bebe Etzler. Have you gotten to work with them in the past? 

Robby Squyers Jr: You cant exclude the other people I've gotten to work with including up and coming pro fighters TJ Arcangel, Jade Hayes, Kevin Arceo, Skylr Pena and Vishnu Gulati and Kenneth Giang. All under the guidance of Kru Sam. The whole fight team from ‘09- until current days, I have gotten to work with all of them. Being the gyms “heavy bag” I've been able to learn from the best and just watching them and their work ethic. I learned from all these great champions and took a little from each of them, its because of them I am the fighter I am today. Kru Sam could of not given me a 2nd glance, but he developed me into his 43rd champion and I hope I still make the team proud and can leave something behind like Micheal, Ky and Bebe.

MTA: What are your short term goals in Muay Thai? 

Robby Squyers Jr: Currently looking for a heavyweight to fight in Cali before the end of the year. Its hard finding opponents. Within 6 months, if no fight at heavyweight happens I'll start heading down lower than 235 or less. I would love an opportunity to fight for my country and represent it well. 

MTA: What are your long term goals in Muay Thai? 

Robby Squyers Jr: I plan on opening up a gym one day in the future, to help like I was helped. I feel its super important to help the community from where your from so opening up one will give me a chance to help people out. I plan to fight pro one day if the opportunity is there, I've been given an opportunity and I plan on running towards the goal of becoming a world heavyweight champion. 

MTA: You recently moved from San Francisco to Vegas. What gym are you training at now? 

Robby Squyers Jr: I've been blessed to finish up my schooling here in Las Vegas for hospitality management an I've been learning a lot from Chaz Mulkey at Syndicate MMA, Dewey Cooper at TMT and Kru Jong at Fight Capital. Its a blessing having people pour into you and want to help. I owe these people credit too. Other goals are maybe doing an MMA fight as well, but well see.

MTA: Any words for your supporters Robby?

Robby Squyers Jr: Thanks to everyone who believes in me and my dreams, my teammates back home at World Team, my sponsors Thaismai, Nor Cal Fight Shop, Dome Piece Audio, and my great friends over at Action Pro Gear, and to an amazing supporting Girl friend Jackie. I hope soon to represent our great country and show you all what this heavyweight can do!

SUPERKOMBAT World Grand Prix 2015 Final Elimination Results: Morosanu wins by KO, Stoica brothers victorious

SUPERKOMBAT World Grand Prix 2015 Final Elimination took place this past weekend on October 2nd in Milan, Italy. 

In the night's main event Romania's Catalin Morosanu faced Poland's Tomasz Czerwinski. This bout was over quickly, but it was exciting while it lasted. From the ring of the opening bell Morosanu came out looking to end the fight. A little over a minute into the bout he knocked Czerwinski down with a right hand. After beating the referee's count Czerwinski went on the offensive looking to connect with some big punches, but Morosanu avoided Czwerwinski's punches. 30 seconds after the first knockdown Morosanu struck the final blow with a counter left hook that flattened out Czerwinski. With the win Morosanu has now won four consecutive fights.

The night's co-main event featured Andrei Stoica vs. Pavel Voronin. In the first round Stoica looked to work the head and body with punches while mixing in the occasional kick, Voronin looked to attack Stoica's lead leg with kicks. Stoica took over in the second round as his boxing was too fast and accurate for Voronin. In the third round Stoica connected with a knee to the body that forced Voronin to take a knee. He recovered to make it to the end of the bout, but it was clear that Stoica was the winner and he took home a unanimous decision. With the win Andrei Stoica has now won eight consecutive fights.

In other action on the night Bogdan Stoica won his sixth straight fight with a unanimous decision win over Patrick Veenstra and Amansio Paraschiv out pointed Giannis Skordilis to win a unanimous decision.

Catalin Morosanu def. Tomasz Czerwinski via KO in Rd. 1
Andrei Stoica def. Pavel Voronin via Unanimous Decision
Amansio Paraschiv def. Giannis Skordilis via Unanimous Decision
Bogdan Stoica def. Patrick Veenstra via Unanimous Decision
Matt Murdoch def. Giuseppe de Domenico via Disqualification
Alexandru Negrea def. Mohammed El Boulahiati via Split Decision

New Heroes
Cristian Spetcu def. Amed West via Unanimous Decision
Cristiana Stancu def. Irene Martens via Unanimous Decision
Yousri Belgaroui def. Dumitru Topai via Unanimous Decision
Ovidio Mihali def. Madalin Craciunica via Extra Round Decision
Adrian Maxim def. Roberto Gheroghita via Unanimous Decision
Claudio Istrate def. Gianfranco Bianchi via Unanimous Decision

Friday, October 2, 2015

Action Pro Gear Fight of the Week: Joseph Valtellini vs. Murat Direkçi

This week's Action Pro Gear Fight of the Week features Joseph Valtellini vs. Murat Direkçi. Joseph Valtellini made his Glory debut on April of 2013 in Turkey at Glory 6. Many fight fans were not aware of Valtellini's skill, but they would soon be put on notice. Murat Direkçi was his opponent for his Glory debut and Valtellini showed his skills by scoring a (T)KO in the third round.

After the win Valtellini went on to eventually capture the Glory Welterweight Title. His combinations are flawless and his ability to finish fights has made him a fan favorite. Start your weekend of right enjoying this fight between Valtellini and Direkçi.