Lion Fight 17 Results and Recap

Lion Fight 17 took place in Connecticut and it feature six pro fights. The main event was a re-match between Malaipet Sasiprapa and Justin Greskiewicz, reall all the results here.

Yodsanklai and Jorina Baars set to defend Lion Fight Titles

On September 5th Lion Fight will return with Lion Fight 18 and both Yodsanklai Fairtex and Jorina Baars will be defending their Lion Fight world titles.

Kevin Ross vs. Michael Thompson set for Lion Fight 16 Title Fight

Kevin Ross and Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson will fight for the Lion Fight Light Heavyweight Title on July 4th at Lion Fight 16.

WCK Muay Thai: International Showdown set for June 7th

Jemyma Betrian will headline the June 7th WCK Muay Thai event at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA.

Glory 16 Results

Glory 16 featured the crowning of a new welterweight champion as well as some exciting knockouts, read all about it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

K-1 World Max Final set for October 11th in Pattaya, Thailand

K-1 was forced to postpone their K-1 World Max Final earlier this year because of the Thai coup d'├ętat. The event is now set for October 11th in Pattaya, Thailand. Buakaw Banchamek will face Enriko Kehl in the finals of the tournament. The pair previously fought under the Max Muay Thai banner in December of 2013 with Buakaw winning a decision over Kehl. 

Other fighters that will be in action at the event include Andrei Kulebin, Rungravee Sasiprapa and MMA standout Paul Daley.

Fight Card:
Buakaw Banchamek vs. Enriko Kehl
Andrei Kulebin vs. Lee Sung-Hyun
Dennis Puric vs. Rungravee Sasiprapa
Paul Daley vs. Mohammad Ghaedibardeh
Maximo Suarez vs. Tural Bayramov
Andre "Dida" Amade vs. Li Yankun
Artem Pashporin vs. Petmongkol Tor. Tesputin
Xei Lei vs. Yoshimoto

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fight of the Week: Steve Wakeling vs. Artem Levin

Steve Wakeling and Artem Levin's controversial fight at Xplosion Fight Series takes Fight of the Week honors this week. The bout between two of the world's best light heavyweights had fans buzzing a little over two years ago when it went down in England. The fight did not disappoint as the pair went toe to toe for five rounds. When it was over many thought that Wakeling had done enough to dethrone Levin from the top of the division as well as end his current 26 fight winning streak. 

When the judges announced their decision it was declared a draw and fans in attendance were upset. Many thought Wakeling that done more with his kick heavy attack to take the decision. Despite what the result may have been it was a very close fight and the best way to solve this highly disputed decision would be to have the pair rematch. We would expect a rematch to be just as good as the first fight between these two heavy hitters. In case you haven't seen their first fight sit back and enjoy it.

Jorina Baars talks upcoming title defense at Lion Fight 18 against Anke Van Gestel

Lion Fight Women’s Welterweight Champion Jorina Baars is set to defend her title against Anke Van Gestel at Lion Fight 18. Here first title defense will have all eyes on her. She defeated Cris Cyborg to win the title and the victory put the world on notice of what kind of damage a world class striker can do against a top MMA striker.

Jorina was kind enough to take some time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her upcoming title defense.

MTA: You have a big fight coming up against Anke Van Gestel at Lion Fight 18. How familiar are you with Anke?

Jorina: I know her fight style it’s very similar to mine. She is a technical fighter but I think I'm the hardest of the two.

MTA: This will be your first attempt at defending your Lion Fight title, any pressure after securing your title with a huge win over Cyborg Santos?

Jorina: No for me every fight is a fight between my opponent and me! If I get a title belt after the fight or just a winner’s cup to me it is still just the opponent who is in my way for the win.

MTA: When you defeated Cyborg the general consensus by MMA fans who weren't familiar with Muay Thai was that she was the best female striker. Obviously you proved that to not be the case. How big was that win for you?

Jorina: Yes it was a big win. Cris is one of the most dangerous women on earth. Her fights are always aggressive and with a lot of power. I like to see her fighting style.

MTA: Do you change your game plan from fight to fight depending on your opponent or do you typically just focus on yourself and what you will bring rather than your opponent?

Jorina: I just focus on my style. Off course I'm looking for some video on the Internet but every fight is different so I fight my own style.

MTA: How do you like fighting in Las Vegas, and as soon as the fight is over what is your victory meal of choice?

Jorina: I love to fight in Vegas!!!! I feel like a superstar when I'm there! Hihi Hihi my victory meal I think a big burger with cheese!!!

MTA: Not looking past Anke, but if you could fight anyone after this fight who would you want to fight and why?

Jorina: I fight everyone I don't choose opponents. So I hope Lion Fight keeps finding good strong opponent for me as always.

MTA: Can we get a prediction for your fight with Anke?

Jorina: I think a technical fight with a lot of nice Muay Thai skills and I will try to give the fans a KO as surprise ;)

MTA: Thanks for the time Jorina, any word for your fans and supporters?

Jorina: Thank you! Without fans I'm nobody! So thanks for the support and come to see and meet me in Vegas !!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chris Kwiatkowski vs. James Martinez set for Friday Night Fights September 19th event in New York

Friday Night Fights has announced that the main event for their September 19th New York fight card will be Chris Kwiatkowski vs. James Martinez. The fight card will also feature two additional pro fights  that are Ariel Sepulvida vs. Quinton O'Brien and Elijah Clarke vs. Georgui Smaguin.

Kwiatkowski will return to action for the first time since January when he defeated Justin Greskiewicz by decision at the Friday Night Fights season opener. Martinez a Muay Thai veteran has become a journey man in the past few years and will be looking to play spoiler to Kwiatkowski in front of the Polish Punisher's home crowd.

Fight Card:
Chris Kwiatkowski vs. James Martinez
Ariel Sepulvida vs. Quinton O'Brien
Elijah Clarke vs. Georgui Smaguin

Monday, August 18, 2014

KO of the Week: Andrei Kulebin vs. Petchasawin Seatranferry

This week's KO of the Week comes to you via Andrei Kulebin. The Belarusian standout met Petchasawin Seatranferry in the finals of the MAX Muay Thai 1 Tournament. The bout was a re-match between the two, Kulebin had won their first encounter via elbow KO.

It was an exciting fight between the Thai and Kulebin for two rounds, and it got even more exciting when Kulebin landed a head kick that ended the fight and won him the tournament. Despite Petchasawin's effort he fell to Kulebin for a second time. Enjoy the KO!

Siam Warriors Results : Rungravee avenges loss to Pornsanae

Siam Warriors took place this past weekend in Cork, Ireland. The event featured a main event bout between Saenchai and Ireland’s Stephen Meleady. It was an entertaining fight for fans, and Meleady put on a solid performance in front of his home crowd. Despite his worthy effort Saenchai proved to be too much for him. In the fourth round the fight was stopped due to a cut that Saenchai had opened on Meleady. As it has come to be expected it was another great performance from Saenchai.

In a fight that fans couldn’t wait to see, Rungravee Sasiprapa took on Pornsanae Sitmonchai in a re-match of their 2013 fight. In their first encounter Pornsanae scored a impressive elbow KO over Rungravee. The re-match was a different story, both fighters went toe to toe and no one landed a fight ending strike. This one went to the judges and Rungravee took a decision on the judges’ score cards to even up his rivalry with Pornsanae at one a piece.

Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym def. Stephen Meleady via (T)KO (Cut) in Rd. 4
Kieran O’Brien der. Martin Conroy via Decision
Paddy Douglas def. Gary Ormond via Decision
Rungravee Sasiprapa def. Pornsanae Sitmonchai via Decision
Cian Cowley def. Rob Doyle via (T)KO (Referee Stoppage) in Rd. 2
Shane O’Neill def. Eoin McCarthy via Decision
T-Bob Tinica def. Jono Bracken via (T)KO in Rd. 1
Conor O’Keeffe def. Jonathan Linnane via (T)KO in Rd. 3
Sean Clancy def. Andy Turland via (T)KO in Rd. 2
Ryan Sheehan def. Keith Wall via Decision

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fight of the Week: Mike Zambidis vs. Chahid Oulad El Hadj

Mike Zambidis and Chahid Oulad El Hadj met in the opening round of the K-1 World MAX 2010 Final 16 in what went down as one of the best fights in K-1 history. From the stare down before the fight to the very end this one was exciting. Zambidis and El Hadj beat each other up for three rounds, which eventually led them to an extra round. Zambidis was declared the winner and he advanced to the K-1 quarterfinals.

Fight fans that have not seen this fight need to do so immediately. It doesn’t matter if you combat sport of choice is MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing or whatever , Mike Zambidis and Chahid Oulad El Hadj is simply one of the best fights ever.