Lion Fight 16 Results and Recap

The Lion Fight Super Lightweight World Title was on the line as Kevin Ross and Michael Thompson clashed at Lion Fight 16, read all about the action packed event.

Two title fights added to Glory: Last Man Standing

Daniel Ghita vs. Rico Verhoeven and Marc De Bonte vs. Joseph Valtellini will compete in title fights at Glory: Last Man Standing.

Kevin Ross vs. Michael Thompson set for Lion Fight 16 Title Fight

Kevin Ross and Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson will fight for the Lion Fight Light Heavyweight Title on July 4th at Lion Fight 16.

WCK Muay Thai: International Showdown set for June 7th

Jemyma Betrian will headline the June 7th WCK Muay Thai event at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA.

Glory 16 Results

Glory 16 featured the crowning of a new welterweight champion as well as some exciting knockouts, read all about it.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Updated Super Lightweight Rankings 8/1/2014

There is some shake up in the rankings this time around. Ross reclaims the number one spot he held a few years ago after his current three fight win streak that ended with him winning the Lion Fight Super Lightweight World Title. Former number one ranked Sean Kearney falls to number two and Matt Embree falls from two to three.

The super lightweight division in North America is stacked and any of these top five fighters can have an argument made for them that they deserve to be ranked higher. It will be interesting to see how the divisions sorts out in the next few months.
1. Kevin Ross (20-10) (@DaSoulAssassin)
Ross has been on a tear as of late. He has now rattled off three consecutive wins, including his latest dominant decision victory over Australia’s Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson which won him the Lion Fight Super Lightweight Championship. Ross also evened the score with Matt Embree by taking a split decision back in February, and in May scored a (T)KO over up and comer Chris Mauceri. With Ross now the Lion Fight champion there are a slew of possible match ups so it will be interesting to see who the promotion chooses for Ross to defend his title against first.

2. Sean Kearney (25-9)
After earning a huge win over Matt Embree in September of 2013 Kearney headed back to Thailand. He decided to jump back up to 147 pounds to take on Thai powerhouse Singmanee Kaewsamrit. Kearney has currently been out of action since the loss to Singmanee in December of 2013. Kearney will be competing on the Max Muay Thai event taking place on August 3rd against Sanpetch Kiatpetchnoi in Thailand.

3. Matt Embree (25-6) (@Muay_Matics)
Embree has gone 1-2 in his last three bouts, although his two losses have been narrow and to the two men currently ranked above him. He dropped a split a split decision to Sean Kearney at PKP “World Stand Off 5” in September of 2013, then got back on the winning track in October of 2013 by winning a one sided decision against Zhang Haishun at Foshan Championships in China. Most recently he dropped a split decision to Kevin Ross at Lion Fight in February. He is currently set to fight Justin Greskiewicz in September at USKA Fight Night.

4. Gabriel Varga (10-2) 
Varga followed up a solid showing at the Glory 8 featherweight tournament (Super Lightweight) with a win over Jose Palacios at Glory 11 in Chicago and just recently won the Glory featherweight tournament at Glory 17 in Los Angeles. He defeated Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai and Shane Oblonsky by decision. Currently under contract to Glory it is unknown when Varga will compete again.

5. Hakeem Dawodu (7-0) 
Dawodu has run his pro record to 7-0 and most recently defeated Junpei Hiari by (T)KO and and Sam Samut by decision. Dawodu has started to dabble in MMA, hopefully for Muay Thai and Kickboxing fans this young talent does not fully transition to MMA because it he is definitely someone that could be sitting at the top of these rankings in years to come. His next Muay Thai bout is currently unkown. .

Rankings qualification - Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts are all taken into consideration for the rankings. These rankings are not only based on Muay Thai Fights as many fighters compete in both full rules Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts. Fighters are not to be inactive for any period longer than 12 months or they will be dropped from the rankings unless a fight is schedule within a month from the date they become ineligible. Fighters must be born in North America or permanently reside in North America and be active in the North American fight circuit are eligible for the rankings.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lion Fight 17 Predictions

Lion Fight 17 takes place tomorrow at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, CT. The event will feature some of the best talent on the East Coast as well as some internationally recognized talent like Cosmo Alexandre and Malaipet Sasiprapa. The main event will feature a re-match between Malaipet and Justin Greskiewicz and the co-main event will feature a bout between Cosmo Alexandre and Jo Nattawat.

It's time to break down all the action for the six pro fights on the Lion Fight card. Nathan Aripez breaks down the fights for you and gives you his picks on who he thinks will end up victorious on the night.

Malaipet Sasiprapa vs. Justin Greskiewicz
When Malaipet and Greskiewicz first fought back in 2012 many thought that Malaipet’s career had stalled out. He was 1-3-1 in his last five fights and 5-4-1 in his previous 10. Greskiewicz on the other hand was entering the fight with a 3-fight win streak on the line. When it was over Malaipet had won a clear cut unanimous decision and all three judges awarded him every single round. This time around Malaipet is trying to snap a two fight losing streak and Greskiewicz will be looking to string together back to back wins as well as avenging the first loss.

Having lost his last two Malaipet should be entering this fight with intentions of proving to everyone he still has what it takes to make another run at a Lion Fight title. Physically he should be the stronger fighter, especially in the clinch. Greskiewicz is going to have to press the action while avoiding getting locked up in the clinch with Malaipet, he will need to press forward land a few punches and move. Malaipet has a tendency to gas in the later rounds so Greskiewicz needs to be able to keep pace early in the fight and in the later rounds he needs to try to take over when Malaipet seems tired. For Malaipet he needs to come out and establish dominance early in the fight by landing a few sweeps and beating Greskiewicz in the clinch. If he can avoid gassing in the later rounds there is no reason that the result this time around should be any different than in their first fight.

Prediction: Malaipet by decision

Cosmo Alexandre vs. Jo Nattawat
Cosmo and Jo Nattawat both step into this bout on short notice. Cosmo has fought for Lion Fight on several occasions and always puts on a technical performance. Nattawat although a technical fighter will not be as physically strong as Cosmo and that will be the difference maker. Both fighters will fight a technical bout and you will see a full Muay Thai display. When they clinch Cosmo should be the stronger fighter and that is where he will separate himself in the fight. Cosmo has always been one of those fighters that can be aggressive; however, he needs to face a fighter that approaches him aggressively for fans to see him get aggressive. If Nattawat decides to try and press the action on Cosmo fans will definitely be in for a treat.

In the end this will be another technical a fair that will feature great technique by both fighters involved. Fans of Muay Thai should be able to appreciate the display of technique that takes place. Cosmo will use his technique and strength to out point Nattawat in the bout.

Prediction: Cosmo Alexandre by decision

Rami Ibrahim vs. Carlos Lopez
Ibrahim vs. Lopez will be an interesting matchup featuring a solid veteran in Ibrahim and a young up and comer in Lopez. Ibrahim has shown he has excellent boxing in the ring and it has proven to be the difference maker for him on several occasions. Lopez will come out looking to add a name like Ibrahim’s to his belt and his youth should serve him well in being able to keep a high pace, but in the end Ibrahim will be too savvy and his experience and grit will carry him to victory.

Prediction: Rami Ibrahim by decision

Victor Saravia vs. Andy Singh
This fight has the potential to be the fight of the night; Singh is a master technician while Saravia is a fire cracker who can end anyone’s night in the blink of an eye. Singh is a strong technical fighter and will use his teep to keep Saravia from trying to inside and land of his power punches. If Singh can stick and move it will be a long night for Saravia.

To win Saravia needs to get inside on Singh and land some big punches and make him feel his power. If Saravia can get inside and turn this into a dirty fight it will be a huge plus for him. This fight is actually one of the toughest if not the toughest on the card to predict, but going on gut feeling I would have to say Saravia is going to land one of his big punches.

Prediction: Saravia by (T)KO

Cyrus Washington vs. Brett Hlavacek
Washington and Hlavacek just fought a little over a month ago and this fight will probably mirror their first. Both fighters are technical and both have the ability to finish the fight, but this will end being a technical affair. If this fight were to change it would be because Hlavacek was sloppy and he got hit with one of Washington’s explosive kicks and was knocked out. I don’t see that happening, Hlavacek is a very cerebral fighter and he is going to grind down Washington for five rounds to take home the win.

Prediction: Brett Hlavacek by decision

Pedro Gonzalez vs. Tim Amorim
This is going to be interesting fight; Amorim has long been one of Muay Thai’s young prospects and made a successful pro debut at Lion Fight 15. Gonzalez also made his pro debut at Lion Fight 15 winning a short notice fight over Nick Chasteen. Gonzalez has an aggressive style that is more MMA than Muay Thai, but the kid can fight and is tough. Amorim is a more traditional Muay Thai fighter and this will definitely be a battle of styles. Expect Gonzalez to come out aggressive, but Amorim will have the technique to stifle his aggression. As the fight wears on Amorim will be able to take control of the fight and in the end the judges will favor him.

Prediction: Tim Amorim by decision

Nathan's Prediction Tracker:
2014 Record: 5-2
Career Record: 37-20
Last Event (Lion Fight 15): 3-2

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KO of the Week: L'houcine Ouzgni vs. Nieky Holzken

Nieky Holzken is known as one of the best Kickboxer in the world right now, however, one thing fans may not be aware of because of his recent streak of domination is that Holzken has lost twice to two different fighters. One of them legendary Thai fighter Buakaw and the other L'houcine Ouzgni, and out of those four losses only one has been by knockout. Ouzgni scored a spectacular flying knee knockout back when the pair met in 2010. It only took 53 seconds from when the fight started for Ouzgni to score the highlight reel knockout over Holzken, in a re-match that took place in 2012 Ouzgni was again victorious although by decision.

 Sit back and enjoy this highlight reel KO of one of the best Kickboxers in the world right now, because the way Holzken has been fighting as of late it probably won't happen again anytime soon.

Brett Hlavacek talks upcoming re-match with Cyrus Washington at Lion Fight 17

Brett Hlavacek will make his Lion Fight debut this Friday at Lion Fight 17. The New York based fighter is one of the top super middleweights in the East Coast. Knowing the fight will be broadcast to Muay Thai fans all over the United States, Hlavacek is ready to put on a show for fight fans as he faces a similar foe in Cyrus Washington. The pair fought a little over a month ago under The Warriors Cup promotion in New Jersey.

Brett was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for Muay Thai Authority about his upcoming fight, enjoy.

MTA: You are fighting on Lion Fight 17 against Cyrus Washington, how is training going for the fight?

Brett: Training has been going great I have been trying to stay as active as I can right now and it's paying off. I fought I n April, May, and recently in June for a WBC national title. When I'm this busy I spend less time on getting back in shape and on weight and more on my technique and skill.

MTA: You had a last minute opponent switch and are now fighting Cyrus Washington. Were you disappointed you were fighting Cyrus again after recently beating him?

Brett: I was a little disappointed but these things happen and I just want to get on there and I'm excited to work with Lion Fight finally.

MTA: Having fought Cyrus once already, does it make it easier to train to fight him?

Brett: Not only did I already fight him but it was only 4 weeks ago so I remember the fight and how it was. Every fight is different so I will be ready for whatever adjustments he will try and make this time around.

MTA: You won the first time so do you plan on switching anything up in this rematch or just doing what you did the first fight to get the win?

Brett: I'm not gonna switch too much up. I'm just gonna do what I did last time but do it better.

MTA: What do you think is Cyrus's greatest strength in the ring?

Brett: At times he can be explosive and fast with his kicks. If you relax while fighting him you will pay.

MTA: This fight will be aired on AXS TV, is knowing this will be in front of a live TV audience add some pressure?

There will be a little pressure but I feel it's a good thing. I think for the most part everybody feels the pressure and nerves before the fight. It's how you deal with that stuff that makes the fighter.

MTA: You are known for having a strong clinch game, is that something you focus on a lot in training or is it just an aspect of your fight style that evolved to another level as you progressed in the sport?

Brett: I feel like I'm more of a kicker but at our gym we constantly work on clinching and it has shown in some of my fights in the past. If I feel like that is where my best fight will be then I'm going to work the clinch in the fight.

MTA: You have dabbled in kickboxing, which do you prefer full rules Muay Thai or Kickboxing rules?

Brett: Muay Thai is what I love to do and what I will continue to do. That's not to say that I won't take anymore kickboxing fights though. Glory was a whole new challenge for me. You really have to approach it as a completely different sport. Some people think you just can't clinch and elbow but also you have to take into account that the length of the fights and the scoring is different.

MTA: Not looking past Cyrus Washington, but is there anyone in particular you would like to fight after him?

Brett: Nobody in particular, I have been fighting between super middleweight and light heavyweight these last couple months so whoever is ranked ahead of me. I definitely want to start testing myself against more international competition.

How excited were you when you got the call from Lion Fight?

Brett: Very excited, fighting for them this year was one of my goals so it's awesome to finally be able to get a shot.

MTA: You have a slew of tattoos, how many do you have exactly and when did you start getting them? Any more plans for future tattoos?

Brett: I don't really have a number but a good deal of my body is covered. As soon as I was 18 I started getting them. I got a majority of my work done in my early 20's and have since slowed down. I plan on getting more done I just need to find the time. It takes time for the tattoo to heal so that means I'm out of the gym which means I'm not training or teaching then.

How long have you been training Muay Thai and how did you get involved in the sport? 

Brett: I have been involved with Muay Thai for about 15 years or so. I got started at a very young age and was getting in fights when I was 12 or so. Back then there were not that many fights going on and also not that many teenagers fighting so I would only fight a couple times a year. I was doing TKD at the time and wanted something with a little more contact and I came across a Muay Thai seminar with Vut Kamnark and that was it I was in.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lion Fight 17 fight card change, Mr. Knock vs. James out Alexandre vs. Nattawat in

Lion Fight 17 has had a few changes over the last few days. Initially Thepnimit “Mr. Knock” Sitmonchai vs. Dean James was set as the main event, but an injury to James and visa issues for Thepnimit have scratched the bout from the fight card. The co-main event of Justin Greskiewicz vs. Malaipet Sasiprapa has now been bumped up to main event status. A new co-main event featuring Cosmo Alexandre vs. Jo Nattawat has been added to the event.
Another change that has taken place is Victor Monfort will no longer be fighting against Brett Hlavacek and has been replaced by Cyrus Washington. The fight between Washington and Hlavacek will serve as a re-match of their WBC National Title Fight earlier this year.

Lion Fight 17 will take place August 1st from Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, CT. The event will also air live on AXS TV.

Full Fight Card:
Malaipet Sasiprapa vs. Justin Greskiewicz
Cosmo Alexandre vs. Jo Nattawat
Rami Ibrahim vs. Carlos Lopez
Victor Saravia vs. Andy Singh
Cyrus Washington vs. Brett Hlavacek
Pedro Gonzalez vs. Tim Amorim